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Termites do not only affect residential properties. Your business may be at risk, too. Find out what attracts termites to commercial properties from the termite experts at Rentokil.

Do you know what to do to stop stink bugs? Learn about 5 ways you can fight stink bugs in your commercial business.

Trash cans and dumpsters can be the start of major pest problem for businesses. Learn how to avoid pest issues by controlling trash areas.

Sometimes it can seem like spiders are everywhere, leaving everyone at risk for spider bites. Is that true? Our resident pest expert and entomologist, Dr. Nancy Troyano, dives into this myth in our latest iteration of Mythbusters.

Watch out for house sparrows this spring around your property.Learn how to get rid of sparrows and discover the deterrents pest control professionals use to keep sparrows away.

Discover 5 interesting facts about ants. From their behavior and biology to their waterproof capabilities and super strength, ants are highly adept at infesting properties.

Where exactly do snakes go when it’s cold? Get the facts here. Trust the Rentokil experts to provide snake control for your business, no matter the weather.

Ant activity on your commercial property may decline during the winter months, but they may be hiding in plain sight without your knowledge. Discover where ants go during the colder weather and how to prevent them from invading your business from the Rentokil experts.

Rats can quickly multiply in facilities. Our interactive infographic explains the breeding cycle and how to prevent an infestation in your facility.

Trash room odors were beginning to tarnish the customer experience at one luxury hotel. Discover how Rentokil was able to solve its odor problem for good.

In this blog, we continue our #WinterPestSeries, asking our Rentokil pest experts about cockroach activity during the winter months.

Research shows that odors may have a potentially damaging effect on your brand. Learn the importance of mediating bad smells in your business.