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Food Retail

Rentokil's infographic explores how pests put grocery stores and the food retail industry at risk, including the most common pests and infested areas in food retail properties.

Discover 8 food safety risks supermarkets face in today's world and how they can mitigate these risks with expert tips from Rentokil.

Technology has forever revolutionized the way that we go about our everyday lives and run our businesses. Here, we look at how tech is changing the world of food retail and grocery.

Businesses can benefit from having an integrated pest management approach to eliminate and prevent a range of pests from invading.

Food Safety Americas 2021 provides the food industry a chance to connect and collaborate to advance food safety and consumer trust.

Discover Rentokil's 20 point plan to drive sustainability and learn how our pest control solutions can contribute to sustainability in the food sector.

Find out what spots could be attracting nuisance birds to your grocery store from the Rentokil bird control experts.