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Pest control for your industry

Every industry and every business faces its own special challenges in dealing with pests. Solving pest issues requires a deep understanding of those unique needs. Rentokil has put over 85 years into researching and developing specialized protocols to address specific industry concerns. 

We take the time to understand your business and your operations. Then we translate that information into a comprehensive managed solution, taking ownership of the design, development, implementation, and ongoing management of your pest prevention program so you can focus on your business.


Pest prevention expertise. Industry-specific experience.

Architecture and construction

Wood-destroying organisms like termites and carpenter ants can expose buildings to property damage and put your people at risk.

Bars and restaurants

In the restaurant industry, the presence of pests can quickly drive away business and potentially pose serious health risks for customers.

Educational facilities

Providing a safe, clean, and healthy environment for your students to learn and live is your top priority, and pests can put that at risk.

Facilities management

Pests can quickly multiply and spread to neighboring buildings. Rentokil specialists act as your eyes and ears, helping you protect your investment.

Farming and agriculture

A pest infestation can threaten crop production, contaminate goods and cause revenue loss. Proper pest control can save you money and time.

Food processing

In addition to your own high quality standards, your food processing operation is responsible to regulatory agencies and third-party auditors.


Rentokil works with government organizations across North America to protect their communities from pests and the health risks they pose.

Food retail

Don't let pests interfere with your commitment to food quality and safety. Let us protect your food retail store.

Healthcare facilities

Rentokil's pest prevention services stops pests from ever putting the people in your healthcare facility at risk.

Hotels and lodging

Rentokil understands in the hospitality industry, your brand is on trial with every customer. Don’t let pests damage your reputation.


Pests in your facility can be signs of undesirable sanitation issues that can result in work stoppages and product safety issues.

Multifamily housing

Multifamily properties so often experience pest problems due to the tenants continually moving in and out.

Museums and antiquities

Museums house valuable and fragile artifacts, art pieces and furniture. Don’t let pests chew their way through history.

Non-food retail

A pest infestation in a retail space can damage your brand and negatively affect customer confidence. Keep your store pest-free with Rentokil.

Offices and commercial properties

Pest problems can impact tenant satisfaction and prevent new tenants from leasing space.

Pharmaceutical facilities

A pest can contaminate products, invalidate research, & threaten environmental controls. We keep your facility protected from these dangers.

Warehousing and logistics

The constant flow of items in and out of these operations creates opportunities for pests to move in, putting health, safety, equipment, and products at risk and your reputation on the line.

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