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Pest control for museums

Pests are a significant threat to museums and historic buildings for a number of reasons. Below are just a few of the negative impacts pests can have on your operations:

  • Damage to valuable artifacts
  • Revenue loss
  • Negative impact on reputation

Rentokil works with many major museums and historical sites throughout the United States. Our Specialists are proud to protect many iconic buildings, including museums, art galleries, antique galleries, historic buildings, historic churches and historic ruins.

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Common pests in museums

Museum visitors can be anyone from infants to the elderly, so public safety is crucial. Our experts understand how fragile of an environment museums are, that is why inspection, pest trapping, sanitation and exclusion options will be exhausted before any isolated pesticide application is used. Some of the most frequent pest concerns in museums are:

Fabric pests - Textile pests such as clothing moths and carpet beetles can cause severe damage to museum objects. They will feed on materials such as animal fur and textiles made with animal fibers, feathers, felt and book bindings. Rentokil offers a variety of non-chemical treatments for fabric pests including vacuuming, washing and effective storage advice to protect items.

Birds - Birds can significantly ruin the distinguished exterior of your museum or historic ruins as well as drive away tourists. Rentokil offers advanced, non-toxic bird repellents to humanely and safely eliminate birds from your property – including bird spikes, bird netting and electric bird deterrents.

Termites - These highly destructive pests can easily cause damage to any ancient artifacts or collections made out of wood. Rentokil’s termite solutions include museum-safe treatments such as baiting and monitoring stations for the perimeter of your building. These solutions eliminate termites before they can even gain access to the inside of your property.

Rodents - Since mice and rats like warm, cluttered, undisturbed areas, museums are an attractive environment for rodents. Once inside, they can chew through valuable museum objects and corrode materials via their feces. Rentokil's Multi Rodent Trap Connect is an innovative, wireless electronic monitoring system that provides 24/7 remote monitoring and protection for your business.

Preventative pest control for museums

Far too often, pest control in museums is reactive, rather than proactive. Waiting for the discovery of pest activity, such as damage to artifacts or elements of the building can mean an infestation is already in an advanced stage and therefore, more difficult to resolve. That is why Rentokil takes an Integrated Pest Management approach for museum pest prevention. We do this by setting up traps and monitoring devices in and around your properties. Additionally, our Specialists will advise your team on proper sanitation methods to prevent pest issues from becoming a full-blown infestation.

Simple steps such as dusting and cleaning exhibits and making sure that the vegetation surrounding your building is well manicured will discourage pests from invading. We work to seal up external access points to limit their ability to enter your buildings. We also make sure to seal up any potential entry points in your museum structure to prevent pests from returning. All of these steps can help prevent the costly repairs and treatments that come with an out-of-control pest infestation on your property.

Additional museum services

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Odor management systems can improve working conditions in areas where strong odors are prevalent.

The Rentokil advantage

Protecting your people and your property: At Rentokil, we take an integrated pest management approach, meaning with every service we carry out we are committed to providing environmentally friendly solutions that are uniquely tailored to your specific business.

Multiple locations, multiple pests: Does your business have several locations? With our National Accounts program, you are able to work with a single contact for all pest control-related issues instead of having to interact with multiple companies.

Trackable success: Rentokil customers have access to PestNetOnline, our industry-leading online pest control reporting tool. The application is safe, reliable and easily accessible, making it appropriate for recording, storing and auditing valuable information at any of your locations.

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