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Integrated pest management

Rentokil's integrated pest management (IPM) service is our commitment to providing environmentally friendly pest control. That means working with you to come up with solutions that will eliminate pests and stop them from returning to your business.

It takes skill, training, and knowledge to provide this kind of pest removal and pest control effectively. We know all about the life cycles of pests like insects and rodents, so we can adapt our method of protection for your specific industry. We strive to make our integrated pest management services friendly to the work environment, your employees, and your customers. 

Our integrated pest management has four key elements:

The 4 Key elements of integrated pest management

1. Setting thresholds

Rentokil’s Technicians do more than just eliminate pests, we work with you to determine when action is necessary and what action is required. Your needs are different from the commercial business down the street and determining your needs is key to IPM.

To determine the appropriate solution to your problem, our pest control experts will consider factors such as:

  • The type of pest involved
  • Your industry’s specific tolerance for pests
  • The overall environment around your business
  • The type of structure

2. Pest identification and monitoring

Our partnership with you goes beyond determining the methods of pest removal. It is also identifying the type of pest and keeping an eye on things to determine if an infestation is happening. We have experts on staff to locate the pest and we make sure to do thorough inspections to find out what pest is causing issues in your business.

We use pest control technology in our inspections, but we also rely on you. You are likely to be the first to see evidence of a pest, so what you find is key to us locating access points, figuring out what pest is involved and coming up with a solution.

We ask customers to partner with us in the following ways:

  • Identify evidence of pests
  • Find conditions appealing to pests
  • Find areas where heat, humidity and moisture are present
  • Find areas where pests have access to food or water
  • Eliminate piles of garbage, wood, vegetation or other areas where pests like to hide
  • Find access points like holes, doors, loading docks and more

3. Pest prevention

The key to effective pest management is preventing them from becoming an infestation. Whether we use methods like traps or advise on proper sanitation, we work closely with you to stop all sorts of pests depending on the time of year.

Removing garbage and making sure that weeds and vegetation are not encroaching on your building is also important. Pests like mice and rats love to hide in garbage and ticks prefer vegetation.

We work to seal up access points in order to limit their ability to enter your building. We replace screens, seal up holes and cracks, and fix pipes and drains.

4. Pest control

The Rentokil team works with you to find an effective solution to control pests using the following methods:

  • Physical methods - manipulating the environment by controlling the humidity, temperature and light. We can also use specific devices like dehumidifiers, specialized light bulbs or our innovative heat treatments.

  • Mechanical methods - mechanical traps, glue traps, or insect light traps. We also use vacuums and other devices to clear out spiders and their webs.

  • Chemical methods - IPM does not mean we do not use pesticides. It means that if we do resort to them we deploy them in a targeted way so we don't use more than we need to. We use the right chemicals in the right situation to reduce environmental impact.

Our IPM services change as the year progresses. We continually monitor pest activity and then respond quickly to stop them before an infestation returns. We also communicate all of the pest removal methods used and provide documentation explaining the chemicals involved in the pest removal process.

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