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Rentokil resource library

We’re always finding smarter, more effective ways to control pests. We minimize disruptions and reduce risks to business by leveraging our experts, technology, and data to create pest-free environments. Explore our resources section to discover the latest webinars, infographics and news about Rentokil’s current products and solutions.


The ripple effect: post-pandemic pest trends

In this webinar, discover new strategies for defending your business against pests post-pandemic from our top experts.

Learn how to element the negative impacts nuisance birds have on your business from Rentokil's top experts in this exciting webinar.

Checklists and Tip Sheets

Rats are one of the world's most pervasive and dangerous pests. Find out how to keep them out of your business with our helpful tip sheet.


Housekeeping & maintenance bed bug infographic

Learn how to protect your hotel facility with Rentokil's housekeeping and maintenance infographic.

The hidden costs of pest disruption

What are your pest issues costing you? Discover the impact of a pest infestation on your facility and learn about expert solutions in this infographic.

FAQ Sheets

Get answers to all your questions about our innovative digital pest control technology.

Audit compliance with PestConnect

PestConnect meets the interior rodent device specifications of all major third-party audit standards. Learn more here.

White Papers

What's your bed bug defense?

Educate your staff on how bed bugs can be introduced, where they hide, and how to identify them with our white paper.

Case Studies

Check out our recent case study where we helped an automobile plant overcome a cockroach and rodent problem by implementing our best practices

Learn how an elusive rat was causing disruptions in a supermarket and the successful plan our experts implemented to capture it.


With the recent uptick in travel, bed bug infestations are becoming a serious issue almost everywhere for commercial businesses. Check out this video to learn how to properly inspect your property for bed bugs from our experts.

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