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Checklists and tip sheets


Learn how to keep these unsightly pests from invading your business with our ant prevention tip sheet.

Fire ants can pose contamination risks for businesses and health risks as a result of their stings. Protect your business from fire ants with our prevention tips.

Bed bugs

Bed bug prevention tips

Bed bugs are a growing problem in North America. Check out our tip sheet to discover helpful prevention methods from our bed bug experts.


Canada goose prevention tips

Canada geese droppings can deface your property and their aggressiveness can drive customers away. Use our tip sheet to prevent these pest birds.

Pigeon prevention tips

The messes pigeons leave behind can contaminate surfaces, damage equipment, and increase safety risks. Use our tip sheet to deter them from your business.

Sparrow prevention tips

Sparrows are a nuisance because of the mess they leave behind when they nest and the loud noises they make. Use our tip sheet to keep them away.

Starling prevention tips

Starlings are a major structural and agricultural nuisance. Avoid costly disruptions to your business by using our helpful prevention tips.


American cockroach prevention tips

American cockroaches are very large and can fly, making them disturbing to many. Our prevention tips can help deter them from your business.

German cockroach prevention tips

Cockroaches carry bacteria that can cause serious health risks. Check out our prevention tip sheet to keep them out of your business.

Oriental cockroach prevention tips

Oriental cockroaches can cause serious issues for any type of business. Keep these pests from invading your property with our prevention tip sheet.


Large fly prevention tips

Flies can spread harmful diseases and bacteria, endangering the health of your employees and customers. Use our prevention tips to protect your business.

Small fly prevention tips

The presence of small flies in your business often signals a sanitation issue. Our expert tip sheet can help keep them away from your property.

Not only are mosquitoes a nuisance, but they are also a public health risk and can disrupt your operations. Use our prevention tips to protect your property.


Prevention tips

Mouse prevention tips

Mice can destroy equipment and spread bacteria throughout your facility. These tips will help you keep them far from your operations.

Rat prevention tips

Rats contaminate food and surfaces and can cause extreme damage to your structure. Deter costly disruptions in your business with our helpful prevention tips.

Rodent management checklists

Architecture and construction

Keep your construction sites rodent-free with our helpful rodent prevention checklist.

Bars and restaurants

Protect your bar or restaurant from rats and mice with our rodent checklist.

Facilities management

Keep rodents out of your facility with our practical rodent prevention checklist.

Food processing facilities

Deter rodents from entering your facility by using our rodent prevention checklist.

Grocery stores and food retail

Learn how to keep rodents out of your business with our checklist.

Healthcare facilities

Rodents have no place in healthcare. Keep them out with our prevention checklist.

Hotels and lodging

Decrease the risk of an infestation in your hotel with our helpful rodent prevention checklist.

Manufacturing facilities

Stop mice and rats from entering your facility with our helpful rodent prevention checklist.

Multifamily housing

Rodents are not the kind of tenants you want. Keep them out with our rodent prevention checklist.

Non-food retail facilities

Don't let rodents drive your shoppers away. Discover how to keep them out with our prevention checklist.

Offices and commercial properties

Keep your spaces rodent-free with our prevention checklist.

Warehousing and logistics

Keep rats and mice out of your properties with the help of our practical rodent prevention checklist.

Stinging insects

Stinging insect prevention tips

Bees, wasps, hornets, and yellow jackets can create health risks and cause severe damage to your structure. Keep them away with our prevention tips.

Stored product pests

Cigarette and drugstore beetle prevention tips

If your facility stores dry foods or plants, cigarette and drugstore beetles are a major threat. Our prevention tips can help keep them out.

Indian meal moth prevention tips

Indian meal moths can quickly destroy stored dried foods in grocery stores, warehouses, and processing facilities. Our prevention tips can help keep them out.

Warehouse beetle prevention tips

Once inside, warehouse beetles can destroy your products. Save your business time and money with our helpful prevention tips.


Termite prevention tips

Termites cost businesses millions in property damage every year. Stop your property from becoming a target for termites with our prevention tips.

Specialist services

Rentokil's field guide for nuisance plants

Find out which five plants are the biggest threat to the health and safety of your business.

Natural disaster preparedness and recovery

Rentokil's extreme weather checklist

Use our checklist to start shaping your action plan to build your facility's defenses against weather-influenced pest infestations.

Information from Rentokil specialists about pest control during hurricanes and the unique hurricane pest issues that can occur.

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