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Pest control innovation

For nearly 100 years, Rentokil companies have been steadfastly committed to being innovators in our industry. Rentokil is proud to be part of this century-old tradition.

Our research and development team is the key to delivering an unmatched line of products and services to keep your facility free of pest problems. As the experts in pest control, our team focuses on developing advances in technology through extensive product research and development, product testing, and innovation. 

These advancements in pest control are recognized throughout the industry as effective solutions that help improve public health and safety, enhance lives, and encourage environmental responsibility.

An innovation hub

Our Ph.D. scientists are based at our global Research and Development center, The Power Centre in Crawley, UK. Opened in September 2017, the Centre provides technical consulting, product testing, as well as planning for the future through product development, regulatory analysis, and planning. Because of this, the pest control products and service our customers receive will always be effective, modern, and innovative solutions that are practical and easily implemented.

About Rentokil

Learn about Rentokil's history, vision and innovation pest control solutions throughout the United States.


Rentokil’s proprietary online data management system gives you full transparency of your commercial pest control program’s results.


Discover Rentokil's portfolio of remote, digital rodent monitoring devices, designed to provide 24/7 protection for your business.


Backed by science

Here are some of the ways our Research and Development team work to support you:

  • We focus on prevention, remote monitoring and added value information management for reporting of pest activity.
  • We find smarter, more effective ways to control pests. Through extensive behavioral research, the team finds new ways to monitor, prevent, and deter pests from accessing properties.
  • We introduce innovative new products and solutions to support more environmentally-responsible solutions
  • We use insights to produce new solutions and enhanced services for our customers, along with the most up-to-date methods and continuing education for our Specialists.

Leading innovation

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