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Farming and agriculture

Pests are more than just an inconvenience for the agriculture industries – they pose devastating risks to farmers. Agricultural pest control is vital to dealing with infestations that you may encounter.

Rentokil Pest Control has a long-standing relationship with many farmers nationwide thanks to our reliable treatments and commitment to the needs of the industry. Our expertise in Integrated Pest Management will minimize your risk of infestations, whether it’s a barn, silo or production facility. Rentokil Specialists know which type of agricultural pest is causing the problem and can provide a solution that both gets rid of pests now and prevents them from coming back.

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Common pests in farming and agriculture 

A pest infestation can threaten crop production, contaminate commodities and result in significant damage to revenue. As graduates of the Purdue University Integrated Pest Management course, our commercial pest control Technicians are highly-trained and well-prepared to help you with farm pest control needs.

In addition to treating ongoing infestations, we work with farmers to identify conditions that attract pests so that future infestations can be avoided. The proper crop pest control can end up saving you money.  Some of the most frequent pest concerns in the farming and agriculture industry are:

Stink bugs - Stink bugs have been known to cause damage to fruit, vegetables, and field crops including apples, corn, tomatoes and soybeans. Rentokil offers a Fall Insecticide Treatment where our Specialists will treat the outside of your business in order to reduce the stink bug population on your property.

Beetles - Certain beetle species target specific crops like potatoes and the fruit of both agricultural and ornamental plants. Others can spread bacterial diseases from plant to plant. Customized treatment plans are available to the agriculture and farming industry that take into account the species of beetle, the severity of the infestation and the environment that is being infested.

Weevils - Maize weevils are typically regarded as primary pests of grain since they are able to infest otherwise undamaged grain. They have also been known to infest buckwheat, peas, acorns, chestnuts and cottonseed. Rentokil offers grain protectants, which involve the application of insecticidal dusts and sprays directly to grain while in storage, shipping vessels, or silos on farms and mills.

Rodents - Rats and mice continue to be a major issue for the farming and agricultural industry, causing huge financial losses annually through their contamination of food and water supplies. Rentokil offers remote, digital rodent monitoring devices through PestConnect that are able to monitor, detect, and contain rodents inside and outside your farming facilities.

Pest prevention for farming and agriculture

An essential part of Rentokil’s Integrated Pest Management approach for farming and agriculture is providing services and products that save you from the headache and high-cost repairs of a pest infestation. We stay one step ahead of pest problems by setting up traps and monitoring devices in and around your facilities. Additionally, our Specialists will advise your team on proper prevention methods to keep pest issues from becoming a full-blown infestation. Simple steps such as practicing good harvesting, seed cleaning and storage methods will discourage pests from invading.

Additional farming and agriculture services

Silo fumigation is a method used to treat large amounts of grain product within its storage vessel.

Remove weeds or unwanted plants around your property with our Vegetation Management Service.

Our national accounts program works with multi-location businesses to develop the most efficient and cost effective pest solutions.

The Rentokil advantage

Protecting your people and your property: At Rentokil, we take an integrated pest management approach, meaning with every service we carry out we are committed to providing environmentally friendly solutions that are uniquely tailored to your specific business.

Multiple locations, multiple pests: Does your business have several locations? With our National Accounts program, you are able to work with a single contact for all pest control-related issues instead of having to interact with multiple companies.

Trackable success: Rentokil customers have access to PestNetOnline, our industry-leading online pest control reporting tool. The application is safe, reliable and easily accessible, making it appropriate for recording, storing and auditing valuable information at any of your locations.

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