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Pest control for retail stores

Shoppers want to feel that they are in a clean, hygienic space where they can feel safe to browse and make purchases. Unfortunately, retail stores are often ripe for a pest infestation due to the constant foot traffic and open doors. A pest problem in a retail space can damage your brand and hurt customer confidence.

Pests have many opportunities to make their way into your stores – in shipments, with your customers and employees, through structural gaps, via open doors and loading docks, and even through shared walls and ceilings with neighboring properties. Once they enter, they can spread to other areas and quickly become established. Below are just a few of the negative impacts pests can have on your building:

  • Loss of customers and consumer trust
  • Impaired relationships with neighboring businesses
  • Product damage
  • Revenue loss

Rentokil offers specialized programs to keep your stores pest-free, protecting your customer experience and your brand reputation. Call Rentokil at 1-855-633-6260 or contact us online today to learn more about our commercial pest control services for retail stores.

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Common pests in retail stores

Pests are a major threat to retail stores because they can damage products and spread dangerous pathogens. Our highly trained Specialists understand the challenges that retail stores face and utilize their technical expertise to eliminate and prevent pests of all kinds. Some of the most frequent pest concerns in retail stores are:

Fabric pests - Textile pests like carpet beetles and clothing moths can cause costly damage to your store inventory. Rentokil offers traditional insecticide treatments as well as non-chemical treatments to remove these destructive pests from your store.

Stored product pests - Select retail stores that sell dried food and grain products may be the target of stored product insect infestations. These pests can cause contamination issues, leading to lost business. Our diverse range of solutions include fumigation, insecticide spraying, and dusting.

Rodents - If a customer spots a rodent in a store, it can cause panic and scare away prospective shoppers. Different types of mice and rats each require specialized knowledge and methods of control. Our expert Specialists utilize professional rodent solutions that include monitoring systems, rodenticides, and non-toxic control methods.

Birds - Birds can give your store an unsightly appearance and greatly deter potential customers from coming inside to shop. To deter birds from your premises and protect your store, customers, and employees from bird pests, Rentokil can implement a number of discreet, effective, and humane solutions ranging from exclusion to trapping and more.

Cockroaches - The sight of a cockroach in your retail store has the potential to ruin your brand’s reputation indefinitely. Additionally, cockroaches are a major health hazard producing potent allergens that lead to asthma. Rentokil offers bait and exclusion solutions to remove the threat of cockroaches from your store and keep them from returning.

Bed bugs - Retail stores are facing increasing problems with the introduction of bed bugs. These bloodsucking pests can enter your store by hitching a ride on incoming stock and returned items or even on the customers themselves. Rentokil provides an integrated approach to bed bug control for your business, utilizing conventional and heat treatments, fumigation, steam remediation, and mattress and box spring encasements.

Preventative pest control for retail stores

With a Rentokil integrated pest management program in place, you can have peace of mind that your stores are protected against pests. Part of this approach is pest prevention through setting up traps and monitoring devices in and around your properties. Additionally, our Specialists will advise your team on proper sanitation methods to prevent pest issues from becoming a full-blown infestation. Simple steps such as daily inspections of incoming inventory and making sure the vegetation around your store is well landscaped will discourage pests from invading.

Another key component of pest prevention is limiting pests’ ability to enter your building. We will make sure to seal up any potential entry points where insects and rodents can gain entry. All of these steps can help save your retail store from the costly repairs and treatments that come with an out-of-control pest infestation.

Additional retail store services

Remove weeds or unwanted plants around your property with our Vegetation Management Service.

Odor management systems can improve working conditions in areas where strong odors are prevalent.

The Rentokil advantage

Protecting your people and your property: At Rentokil, we take an integrated pest management approach, meaning with every service we carry out we are committed to providing environmentally friendly solutions that are uniquely tailored to your specific business.

Multiple locations, multiple pests: Does your business have several locations? With our National Accounts program, you are able to work with a single contact for all pest control-related issues instead of having to interact with multiple companies.

Trackable success: Rentokil customers have access to PestNetOnline, our industry-leading online pest control reporting tool. The application is safe, reliable and easily accessible, making it appropriate for recording, storing and auditing valuable information at any of your locations.

Have a question about any of our products or services? Call Rentokil at 1-855-633-6260 or contact us online today.

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