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Due to their small and stealthy nature, it is nearly impossible to prevent bed bugs from hitchhiking onto your property. Bed bugs cases have been on the rise in the United States. In fact, 1 in 5 people report that they have either encountered bed bugs themselves or know someone who experienced a problem at home or in a hotel.

Just a few bed bugs can spread quickly from unit to unit and lead to loss of income. An infestation can also cause irreparable harm and distrust in your brand and business that you have spent years building with your customers. If not properly treated it can lead to costly remediation and potential legal action against your facility.  

Having a solid bed bug plan in place is your brand’s best line of defense against these blood-sucking creatures. When you partner with Rentokil, you get much more than a plan. You get a dedicated team of experts committed to a quick and efficient response to your bed bug issues. Our PROTECT+ System offers a tiered service model designed to protect your property long after treatments are conducted — all backed by an unmatched, industry-leading warranty.

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Do I have bed bugs?

The steps you should take to confirm you have bed bugs

Eliminate bed bugs with the PROTECT+ System


Rentokil’s PROTECT+ System is an integrated approach that allows for a rapid response and resolution to bed bug issues in hours, rather than days. Unlike traditional programs, this is a smarter, faster way to protect your customers and your reputation, reduce disruption to your business, prevent revenue loss, and get peace of mind.

The PROTECT+ System uses a proprietary mix of targeted service protocols, precise applications, and specialized products to eliminate bed bugs and provide ongoing protection.

Comprehensive coverage that's right for your business

Because every business is unique, we offer three packaged levels of protection so that you can select the best coverage for your property. Choose from our Protect+ Essential, Extended, and Premium packages. Our Extended and Premium packages provide added benefits that offer additional layers of protection, including extended warranties, to keep biting bed bugs from disrupting your business.

  • Protect+ Essential is our rapid response, one-time service option providing treatment to rooms with bed bug activity. It offers a 4-hour post-treatment turnaround time and a 30-day warranty. *This warranty is not available in healthcare facilities

  • Protect+ Extended offers all of the benefits of our Protect+ Essential package with the option to add activated boxspring liners which provide ongoing protection, killing bed bugs on contact for up to two years. You also get an extended 90-day warranty. *Healthcare facilities are covered under a 60-day warranty

  • Protect+ Premium is considered our “best” level of protection. You receive all the benefits that come with the Protect+ Essential and Extended packages, as well as a canine inspection to identify all units with activity, an initial preventative precision treatment to units without activity, and extended warranty options. *This tier is not available in healthcare facilities

PROTECT+ for your industry

Rentokil provides corrective and preventative bed bug service offerings designed with the following industries in mind.

Healthcare facilities

Rentokil's pest prevention services stops pests from ever putting the people in your healthcare facility at risk.

Hotels and lodging

Rentokil understands in the hospitality industry, your brand is on trial with every customer. Don’t let pests damage your reputation.

Multifamily housing

Multifamily properties so often experience pest problems due to the tenants continually moving in and out.

Educational facilities

Providing a safe, clean, and healthy environment for your students to learn and live is your top priority, and pests can put that at risk.

How to prevent bed bugs

Educating your staff to look out for some of the key signs of bed bugs is your first step to proper prevention and to limiting your risk of an infestation.

Encourage your staff to follow these tips:

  • Before cleaning, perform a thorough scan of the room and examine bed bug hotspots such as inside headboards, furniture, and underneath bedding.
  • If you notice something suspicious, notify management immediately for a second opinion. Professional pest control may need to step in.
  • Place personal items in a designated locker or other area to prevent them from picking up bed bugs or bringing bed bugs from home to your business.
  • Be sure to always keep dirty linens in their own container and away from clean linens. Always keep laundry carts in the hallways when cleaning a room.

To learn more about our bed bug prevention services, contact us today.

Educate your staff on how bed bugs can be introduced, where they hide, and how to identify them with our white paper.

Bed bug prevention tips

Bed bugs are a growing problem in North America, check out our tip sheet to discover helpful prevention methods from our bed bug experts.

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