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Pest control for offices

As the workspace continues to evolve, businesses are looking for contemporary, technology-enhanced spaces in which to set up shop. Whether you’re operating office buildings or mixed-use spaces, the competition to attract and retain these tenants is at an all-time high. The pressure of pests can disturb the office working environment, damage structure and supplies, and present a serious health and safety threat for employees.

Below are just a few of the negative impacts pests can have on your office environment:

  • Low occupancy rates and revenue loss
  • Tarnished reputations of owner and property manager
  • Capital expenses due to structural damage and repair
  • Compensation claims

Whether it is ants trailing through a common area, birds roosting on ledges, or an isolated bed bug incident in an office, Rentokil has a solution to help. Call us today at 1-855-633-6260 or contact us online today to speak to a representative about our pest control services.

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Rodent management checklist for offices

Keep your commercial spaces free from mice and rats with our helpful rodent prevention checklist.

Find out the hot spots where pests are hiding in your facility with our property management pest risk map.

Common pests in offices

Pests can spread pathogens and some can trigger allergies and other sensitivities. Other pests can bite and sting, and could induce potentially life-threatening reactions. Rodent activity can even create physical hazards, with gnawed wiring posing electrical and fire dangers. Some of the most frequent pest concerns in offices are:

Rodents - Mice are very common intruders in offices as they are attracted to spaces inhabited by people. Although rats are less common, their presence can be extremely disturbing to tenants. Rentokil’s dual-barrier approach to rodent prevention is the best way to keep these pests out: first with strategic and secured bait placements on the exterior, then through careful monitoring on the interior to alert at the first sign of activity so that appropriate measures can be deployed only when necessary.

Birds - Bird excrement is corrosive and can erode stone and metal on structures. Their feathers and droppings can also clog HVAC units and affect air quality. In addition, bird issues can cause problems with neighboring properties. To protect your tenants, employees, and property from the health hazards and mess that birds create, Rentokil has a range of effective, humane solutions to deter bird activity from your premises.

Flies - Flies are not only a nuisance and distraction in the office environment; they can also spread harmful bacteria. With specialized treatment protocols for addressing any species of flying insect, as well as our Lumnia product line, Rentokil has a solution for even the toughest flying insect problems.

Ants - Ants are a frequent problem in offices, as they are attracted to food, water, and even electrical conduits. Rentokil’s pest experts have an unparalleled range of revolutionary ant control and prevention methods at their disposal. After identifying the species of ant disturbing your office space, our Specialists will resolve ant problems using a form of liquid, dust, or bait station treatment.

Preventative pest control for offices

With a Rentokil integrated pest management program in place, you can have peace of mind that your office building is protected against pests. Part of this approach is pest prevention through setting up traps and monitoring devices in and around your properties. Additionally, our Specialists will advise your team on proper sanitation methods to prevent pest issues from becoming a full-blown infestation. Simple steps such as consistently cleaning office break areas and making sure the vegetation around your property is well landscaped will discourage pests from invading.

Another key component of pest prevention is limiting pests’ ability to enter your building. We will make sure to seal up any potential entry points where insects and rodents can gain entry as well as replace screens on entryways, seal up holes and cracks, and fix defective pipes and drains. All of these steps can help save your office from the costly repairs and treatments that come with an out-of-control pest infestation.

Additional office services

Rentokil offers fumigation services as a safe and effective way to rid your structure of pests.

Remove weeds or unwanted plants around your property with our Vegetation Management Service.

The Rentokil advantage

Protecting your people and your property: At Rentokil, we take an integrated pest management approach, meaning with every service we carry out we are committed to providing environmentally friendly solutions that are uniquely tailored to your specific business.

Multiple locations, multiple pests: Does your business have several locations? With our National Accounts program, you are able to work with a single contact for all pest control-related issues instead of having to interact with multiple companies.

Trackable success: Rentokil customers have access to PestNetOnline, our industry-leading online pest control reporting tool. The application is safe, reliable and easily accessible, making it appropriate for recording, storing and auditing valuable information at any of your locations.

Have a question about any of our products or services? Call Rentokil at 1-855-633-6260 or contact us online today.

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