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Lumnia: fly control for your business

With over 120,000 species of flies worldwide, flies are considered pests due to the health and contamination risks they pose to humans, pets, livestock, and goods. A small fly problem left uncontrolled has the potential to develop into a severe infestation in a matter of weeks, as some fly species are able to mature from eggs to adults in just seven days.

Businesses should take proactive steps with deterrent measures to help avoid costly treatments or contamination. Lumnia, Rentokil’s revolutionary Insect Light Trap (ILT), offers a truly effective solution to monitor and control flying insects, protecting your business and the welfare of your customers and employees.

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Learn about the Lumnia models and how they can help your business with fly control.

About Lumnia

The Lumnia range uses Rentokil’s unique glue boards to capture and kill flying insects quickly and efficiently. These insect light traps are suitable for a range of internal environments where flies are not welcome, as well as a wide variety of industries with specific requirements for highly effective fly control.

Unlike conventional devices, Lumnia brings peace of mind through proven efficacy and performance. These indoor light traps, powered by LED technology, help reduce the risk of contamination from flying insects and fragmentation of caught insects. With Lumnia, there’s no catch tray, no mess, and no more fly problems.

Rentokil Technician installing Lumnia

Benefits of Lumnia fly control

Lumnia offers a range of units in multiple sizes to suit different environments. Whether in public-facing areas or high-pressure back-of-house operations, Lumnia offers a sustainable, effective solution to help protect your brand from the dangers that flies pose. With a Lumnia product, your organization will benefit significantly from the following benefits.  

Effective fly solution at a lower cost 

Lumnia high attraction output LED lamps are optimized to catch more flies while reducing power consumption at your facility. The Lumnia insect light trap can save up to 79% of energy compared to equivalent competitors.²

Faster fly catch rate

The Lumnia range is up to 46% faster at catching flies, on average, than competitor LED insect light traps on the market.5 The Lumnia products catch over 15 different flying insects, including house flies, fruit flies, drain flies, and bluebottles.

Discrete design

The Lumnia range consists of four high-performing units with a modern, seamless design while offering lower glare from LEDs and reduced visibility of caught flies. Units also switch between Monitor and Control modes to suit customer and location requirements. 

Lumnia fly control on a wall

Encapsulation module

Unique Rentokil technology gives our customers highly effective hygiene control by using an adhesive film inside an encapsulation cassette to trap, collect, and contain insects, eliminating the risk of secondary infestations from debris.

Environmentally friendly 

The units have several energy modes that will adapt to day and night, helping to reduce consumption and contributing to a lower environmental footprint. The low-energy LED lamps have a four-year life span, lasting 33% longer than competitor LED solutions on the market. ¹

75% reduction in lamp waste

Lumnia LED lamps only need to be replaced once every four years as opposed to fluorescent bulbs that need to be replaced every year.¹ This means that for every four fluorescent bulbs, you only need one Lumnia LED lamp, reducing your lamp waste by 75%. As a result of not having to change the lamps more than once every four years, Rentokil has reduced lamp waste by 1.3 million units.6

Reduction in carbon emissions

Lumnia can help businesses be sustainable with a 62% reduction in carbon emissions vs. Rentokil's prior model. Over just six years, based on data from the Environmental Protection Agency Greenhouse Gas Equivalencies Calculator, Lumnia has saved 53,139 tons of CO2  – that’s equivalent to powering over 6,072 homes for a year.7

No toxic chemicals

Lumnia LED lamps do not use any mercury, creating a safer environment for your business and for our Technicians.

Expansive area coverage

Lumnia has greater area coverage than any competitor florescent insect light traps. With a Lumnia product, your customers can benefit from an expansive area coverage of up to 2,690 sqft.4

Black Lumnia Compact on a wall in a coffee shop

Control flies with Rentokil’s insect light trap, Lumnia

Implementing a more sustainable pest management program like Lumnia serves multiple purposes. Not only can it enhance environmental quality and safeguard product integrity, but it also positively impacts both your customers and your employees' perceptions of your business.

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1 4-year lamp life based on manufacturer testing of Lumnia LED lamps; lifespan percentage based on available competitor claims as of October 2023. 

2 Findings based on comparison study conducted by Rentokil Initial in 2019 between Lumnia models (on Low Power Mode setting) and various fluorescent bulb insect light traps. 

3 Findings based on calculations of Lumnia Compact vs average competitor units using traditional fluorescent tubes over a 5-year period based on product life cycle using the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s Greenhouse Gas Equivalencies Calculator. 

4 Findings based on study conducted by Rentokil Initial in 2023 comparing max coverage area using Lumnia Standard model in a dark room versus the claimed max coverage area of competitor fluorescent bulb insect light trap units.

5 Findings based on a controlled laboratory catch rate study conducted by Rentokil Initial in 2023 using the Lumnia Standard versus 5 competitor models.

6Claim based on Lumnia 4-year lamp life, Lumnia sales from mid-2017 to December 2022, and expected fluorescent bulb lifespan of 1 year

7Findings based on Lumnia range killowat-hour usage since launch vs. killowat-hour usage of 135 competitor ILTs in the last 3-4 years

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