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Drain line services and bioremediation

For commercial businesses, especially those in the food industry; food processing facilities, restaurants and bars, and even grocery and convenience stores, pesky small flies have probably been an issue at some point in time. If you have tried everything you can imagine to eliminate them with no success, there may be an unsuspected culprit: your drains. Imagine the materials that can get down into those drains: grease, fat, food, oils and other substances. These substances can build up and slow things down or bring about unwanted pest infestations.

Rentokil’s pest control Technicians are experts in a process sometimes referred to as bioremediation. Bioremediation introduces safe, beneficial bacteria or microbes into drains or drains lines, which convert unwanted substances into water, carbon dioxide, or a more environmentally responsible waste by-product. It's an effective and environmentally friendly way to maintain long-term drain health and prevent pests from entering your business.

Benefits of this service include:

  • Eco-friendly
  • Proactive pest management
  • Reduces plumbing, drain line, and grease trap expenses
  • Minimizes drain-related odors

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Drain line service offerings

Rentokil offers several different options for drain line services, depending on your property and the infestation. These include:

  • Main Drain Line Injection Service - Installation and maintenance of an automatic injection system to reduce the amount of grease flowing through the main drain line, preventing blockages and clogs.
  • Floor and Beverage Drain Service- Routine treatment of floor and beverage drains; reducing organic matter, build-up, and small fly breeding sites.
  • Full-service Bioremediation - Main Drain Line Injection Service, Floor and Beverage Drain Service, and inspection and monitoring of outdoor grease interceptors;
    increasing drain flow capacity and function, while reducing odors, small fly-breeding sites, and build-up.

Bioremediation technology for your business

Rentokil’s highly trained Technicians are ready to discuss drain line issues in your business and help tailor a solution that addresses your entire facility. We recommend this service for the following industries:

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