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Join the experts in pest control

Rentokil is the world’s leading commercial pest control company, providing services to more than half a million customers across the 80+ countries in which we operate. We are continually seeking to grow our company by working with business partners to develop our presence and capabilities through extending our coverage in the markets where we currently operate and expanding into key emerging markets.

Why sell your business to Rentokil?

We have bought over 200 businesses in recent years and have sold penty as well - so we know what it is like to be in your shoes.

A clean, confidential acquisition at a good price - we know exactly how to do that.

  • We use our team of in-house experts, not third parties, as we understand the way pest businesses are run
  • We also know how to integrate our acquisitions - preserving the heritage and capability you’ve built without ‘shredding’ your business in the process
  • We offer flexible purchase structures tailored to your unique situation
  • No opportunity is too big - or too small. We will consider your business on its own merit
  • We provide opportunities for colleagues to grow their careers with Rentokil - so many of our colleagues today have come through mergers and acquisitions
  • Our global technical expertise and innovation strengthens your service offering

What we look for in an acquisition candidate

We are looking for businesses that put service, relationships and teamwork first. We value:

  • Strong, long-lasting relationships with colleagues and customers
  • A commitment to top quality service, delivered consistently
  • Management focused on service quality, route productivity and cost control
  • Solid market pricing
  • The safety and wellbeing of frontline colleagues
  • Predominantly contractual, recurring maintenance services

Hear from our acquired businesses

At the right time in our discussions, if beneficial for you, we’d be pleased to arrange for you to speak with some of our previous acquisitions to share first-hand experiences and help you understand why they chose to join Rentokil. To discuss your business opportunities, contact us today.

Acquisition of Batzner, United States

“We really focused on finding a partner who was customer-centric with an emphasis on employee growth opportunities. Rentokil Steritech matched ideally with uso n that, plus there are now new market opportunities that will improve the customer experience as Rentokil Steritech is the leading pest control firm in the United States with a brand protection offering.”

Melissa Batzner Krische, Batzner GM

Acquisition of Sames Co. Ltd., Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

”...a solid relationship and trust amongst all the parties was a critical component of this transaction, as was Rentokil Initial’s flexibility and mind set of solving rather than creating problems. SAMES is an excellent business with solid track records reaching back to the 1970s, the local expertise now paired with leading Rentokil techniques, standards and management systems will enable solid growth and expansion of operations and revenues.”

Robert H. Gültling, Executive Manager of SAMES Co. Ltd





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