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Integrated pest management (IPM)

Rentokil’s Integrated Pest Management (IPM) solution is designed to provide businesses with effective and environmentally-friendly pest management and pest control solutions uniquely tailored to your needs, proactively preventing the risk and impact of costly pest infestations.

On-site review and consultancy

Our highly qualified team of biologists carry out a comprehensive survey of your sites - helping us develop complete solutions that cover existing pest problems, any future risks, health and safety hazards and the specific nature of your business environment.

Tailored pest control solutions

We treat any identified pest issues and implement a range of pest control solutions tailored to your industry to ensure full protection of your commercial site - employing the latest technology to help you meet all regulatory requirements.

Regular service monitoring

Scheduled service visits ensure pest management solutions are working and that the risk of future infestations are minimised. With each visit, we provide recommendations regarding sanitation, building integrity, equipment and storage to account for any changes in the environment.

Comprehensive reporting

Secure and comprehensive reporting through our customer portal, myRentokil, gives you 24/7 online access to proactive pest management; trend reporting, recommendations and analytic tools across all your global sites to support pest control audits.

What is integrated pest management?

Integrated pest management employs a combination of practices to eliminate the root causes of pest infestations. IPM programs use current, comprehensive information on the life cycles of pests, their behaviour, biology and interactions with the environment.

At Rentokil, this information is combined with our latest pest control methods and digital pest control solutions to effectively manage pest infestations by the most economical means and with the least possible hazard to people, property, and the environment.


4 principles of IPM

At Rentokil, our IPM solutions focus on prevention to help you mitigate the risk of infestation and potential contamination across your commercial sites.

IPM is based on four principles we call ERDM, exclusion, restriction, destruction and monitoring:

  • Exclusion: Proactive preventive pest control to stop pests from gaining access to a business, property or area by sealing potential entry points and proofing buildings. Rentokil works with customers to understand when and how pests pose a problem and sets action thresholds against factors such as the species of pest involved, individual business tolerance, building type and conditions conducive to pest activity.
  • Restriction: Containing the spread of pests infestations throughout your business through the removal of food and harborage sites.
  • Destruction: Utilising industry-leading pest control solutions and the latest innovations in non-toxic pest control, a custom program will be developed to effectively eliminate pests from your business. As part of the IPM program, pest control methods will be evaluated for effectiveness and risk.
  • Monitoring: Harnessing the power of technology, analytics and digital pest control in a continual pest management program to ensure protection measures are working.

Integrated Pest Management minimises the risk of pest infestations, reduces dependency on chemical treatments and protects your business reputation. At Rentokil, we offer the broadest and most advanced pest control service solutions in the industry, covering many pest types and compliance in differing regulatory environments.

Our best-in-class solutions utilises the latest in pest control technology and are supported by a team of technical and regulatory experts to provide unparalleled innovations for our commercial customers.



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