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Don’t Miss Out These 8 Tips For Your Raya Preparation!

While Raya is just around the corner, here are some tips to get you ready for the joyous celebration.

7 Interesting Mosquito Facts You May Not Know About

Mosquitoes aren’t foreign to Malaysians, but how well do we know about these pesky insects? Here are 7 mosquito facts you might not have known about.

Rat Infestation in Vehicle Caused About RM5,000 in Damages and Emotional Stress!

Solving pest problems using DIY methods are more costly in the long run. Find out how DIY methods caused Man Lim to pay more to deal his rat problems.

The Hidey Holes of Your Everyday Cockroach

Cockroaches are tricky pests. It’s never a good sight to see them scurrying around our homes or businesses. Find out more on where their true habitats!

Top 3 Most Dreaded Birds by Businesses

The abundance of food and shelter encourages birds to roost on buildings, fouling structures and surrounding areas. Find out how once-attractive birds turn into pest birds!

Stranger Things: Bed Bugs - Strangest Pest

A Stranger Things monster in the real world? It's not as crazy as it sounds! Find out how the bed bug could easily have come from the Upside Down here!

What To Do If You Spot A Cockroach This CNY?

Spring cleaning this Chinese New Year? A cockroach may be lying around, ready to surprise you! Find out the various ways to stop them from ruining your CNY.

Things You Need To Know About Coronavirus

What is coronavirus? How does it spread and most importantly how can prevent it? Here’s a guide to what we know so far about the lethal Wuhan virus.

The Award Winning Parasite: Termites

Ever realized the award winning movie Parasite could actually be talking about termites? The similarities are uncanny! Find out why here.

7 amazing apps to get you through MCO that's not social media

Bored during MCO? Spending hours on social media trying to entertain yourself? Why not check out these apps to help you get through MCO

Cleaning VS Disinfecting? The Truth Behind The Difference

Cleaning before reopening for business? That may not be enough. Disinfection is the best way to keep your employees and customers safe. Find out more

One Thing Businesses Are Forgetting When Reopening After MCO

Getting your business ready to reopen? Other than disinfection, don’t forget about the one crucial thing for businesses to reopen. Find out what it is here.

3 Ways to Prevent Pests From Your Home

You clean everyday, but pests are still running around your home. Here are 3 ways to prevent pests that could help you out. Find out more

Simpler Times During Hari Raya

Raya celebration is an exciting time for everyone! Here are some tips to keep pests away during the festivities.

Common Pest Threats: World Pest Day

Pests threats are real and affecting all of us! In conjunction with World Pest Day, here are 6 pest threats that could be affecting you!

Disinfect Your Home Before Moving In After Renovation

With COVID-19 cases still prevalent in Malaysia, learn why it is important to carry out precautionary disinfection on your newly renovated home before you move in.

Ew-mojis And Pests With A Twist!

17 July marks the annual World Emoji Day! Check out this fun article where our writer uses emojis to describe different expressions that people normally have when they encounter pests at home

The Deadly Truth of Dengue In COVID times

Although we could be safe from COVID-19 infection by staying home during the lockdown, we might not be entirely protected with mosquitoes on the prowl. Learn how you can minimise the risk of Aedes mosquitoes from invading your home

The Pestlympics 2021