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The Award Winning Parasite: Termites

With the Movement Control Orders, a lot of us are wondering what to do at home to fill in our free time. Some good examples come to mind, such as exercising indoors, gardening, reading a book or even maybe practicing your cooking or baking. But sometimes, we just want to be a potato and that’s ok! I know I love just lying on my bed and watching a movie, and what better time to catch up on all the great movies than right now? The first movie I’m going to rewatch is definitely the Oscar winning film Parasite, partly also because the movie reminds me so much of termites! In fact, termites should be crowned award winning home destroyers if you ask me and here’s why.

Termites are silent parasites!

Just like in the movie, you could have a living parasite living underneath your home. The only difference is instead of having one parasite, you could have up to millions when it comes to termites! Termites are notorious for living under your home without you even knowing. These pests are experts at staying hidden, almost showing no signs of them slowly eating away at your home since they are so small. What’s even worse, they don’t only live underneath your home! They could be in your roof, gnawing at the supports and putting your life at risk! If there was an award for best silent destroyers, termites would definitely win it hands down.

Different Social Standings

Another thing that reminds me of termites in the movie is how it explores social classes quite extensively. Parasite shows how the rich are living extravagantly, able to afford big houses, good meals and multiple luxuries while the poor are forced to deal with many hardships. If you think about it, this applies to termites too! 

The queen is constantly pampered by the workers and safely guarded by the soldiers. In fact, the termite workers are responsible for feeding, grooming and taking care of the queen for the rest of their lives, while the queen just needs to continuously lay eggs. The only difference is, termite queens rule with an iron fist, and the chances of soldiers and workers rebelling against the queen and king is extremely low, thanks to the queen releasing special pheromones to control the entire colony.

Devastating Damage

At the end of the movie, we see how everything starts crumbling down and families are now torn apart due to the actions of trying to infiltrate the Park’s family home. Loved ones are lost all due to the actions of the “parasites”. Ring a bell? Termites do the exact same thing when they take over your home. At first, their damage is minimal but they quickly start multiplying and start attacking your entire home, causing you to face hundreds of thousands in damages, trauma and could also put your loved ones lives at risk. All it takes is a collapsed roof and you could lose someone you love forever. 

Parasite was a great movie but someone living under your home without you knowing is almost impossible. Instead, you should be worrying about termites sneakily eating your home from the inside out! But don’t worry, Rentokil has got you covered! Call us at 1300 881 911 or visit our website and we’ll handle your termite worries.

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