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Ew-mojis And Pests With A Twist!

Hey guys! 17 July is World Emoji Day – a day to spread the joy of your favourite emojis. My all time favourite is definitely the laughing emoji with tears flowing out 😂. It’s the best emoji to express my reaction on messenger apps when I find something funny from either a text, images or videos. I also used a few other emojis to express myself depending on my reaction.

Therefore, on this special day, I thought I’d do something fun and write an article describing different expressions when people bump into cockroaches at home by just using emoji in sequence. 😂 Let’s go!

Nervous Emoji 😬

adult giant water bug

When you first encounter a cockroach – especially those murderous flying ones. You are usually close to getting scared, but still trying your very best to stay calm and macho especially when your buddies or girlfriend is around.

Fearful Emoji 😨


Time is ticking! Stop pretending to be brave! It’s ok, I totally understand too because I personally can’t stand seeing cockroaches as well, especially when they are in my room. Calling your mom for help is the BEST thing to do.


Laid Back Emoji 😎


Your super mom is here to the rescue and save the day! You are suddenly filled with confidence like there’s nothing in this world that can stop you. As you stand bravely behind your mom, watching her gets rid of the cockroach. #MomIsTheBest


Excited Emoji 🤩

cockroaches on fruit

You would then get very excited when you no longer have cockroaches in your room for a while. Until the cockroach fambam decided to come back and take revenge on their dead friend that you mom killed. 


Sick Emoji 🤢 


That’s when you could get super sick. Not just from the sight but remember, cockroaches can spread diseases especially when they crawl on our food. 

Are any of these emoji reactions mentioned above relatable to you? It’s all fun when we share funny stories about encountering pests in different ways. However, we have to remember that pests do not just appear randomly in our home without a reason. You might have killed one or two brave cockroaches that came out from their hiding but in fact, there could be many more cockroaches hidden safely in their colony. Which is why, with a professional service, we could get rid of them for you – right from their roots!

If you are tired of calling your mom each time you encounter pests at home, it’s time to call us at 1300 881 911. We provide a wide range of solutions from a single job to keeping your home protected all year long

I hope to write more wacky stories for you next time, bye! 😎

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