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Pests are a nuisance, whether at home or at the workplace, because they can cause damage to property and carry diseases that pose health risks. Our certified technicians are highly skilled in understanding various pest behaviours and life cycles to carry out services in the safest and most efficient way possible.

Read more about the most common pests, how to spot the signs of an infestation, as well as tips and steps to control them.

Top 3 pests

All other pests

Little they may be, but they can transmit food borne disease organisms such as E. Coli and Salmonella.


Cockroaches, usually associated with filth and rubbish, can spread foodborne diseases such as Salmonellosis and Dysentry.


Bird droppings contain uric acid which can deface your buildings.

They are carriers of deadly vector borne diseases such as Dengue and Zika.

Flies are known to carry and spread diseases such as cholera, typhoid, etc.

Moths can damage your clothes, fabrics, and even stored goods.

Flea bites can be itchy and uncomfortable.

Silverfish damages your valuable items such as books, photographs, paintings and other household items.

Check out what other wildlife are in Malaysia and what you should do if they are spotted.

Stored product insects can damage and contaminate grains and cereals, causing product loss for your business.

Your clothing, carpets and historic artefacts can be in danger in the presence of fabric beetles.

Your clothing, carpets and historic artefacts can be in danger in the presence of fabric beetles.

Bees sting are extremely painful and may be life threatening.

A close cousin to bees, wasp stings are painful and can be dangerous.

Just like bees and wasps, hornets stings are very painful and could be fatal.

Rats spread infectious diseases such as leptospirosis through its urine

Termites cause structural damages to homes and potentially pose safety risk to house occupants.

Bed bugs live beneath your bed and their bites can cause skin irritation and itchiness

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