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The term ‘wood borer’ covers many types of wood boring beetles, some with wonderful names like Auger, Jewel, Stag and Pinhole Borers. But whatever they are called, you’ll want to say goodbye to them.

Wood borers are wood damaging insect that invade and damage structural and furniture wood based on the type and moisture content of the wood. All homes or businesses constructed of natural wood are at risk to wood borer infestations.

Here are some helpful facts about Wood Borers:

  • Adult beetles lay their eggs in wood cracks. They infest floorboards, furniture, wooden beams and any other wooden objects in your property.
  • Larvae burrow deep into the wood where they feed and in the process they make a maze of tunnels over several years.
  • If infestation left untreated, timbers within a building can be weaken and may lead to structural failure of timbers.


Check the common signs like eggs or crumbling wood to see if you have a wood borer problem

Professional treatments for the removal of wood borers

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Rentokil’s Solution for Wood Borers

If the wood borer infestation is in a dispensable and removable wood, you are advised to dispose and replace the affected material. If the infestation occurs in higher-valued wood, it is recommended to use a professional pest control service for help. 

  • We offer a comprehensive site inspection to assess the type of infestation whether it is wood borer or termite, source of attraction, breeding site, level of infestation, and to identify the wood borer species. There are two ways we can approach this:
    1. Fumigation can be done for removable wood, however it presents a higher risk for residential treatment.
    2. Chemical injection can be applied, however it may or may not fully eliminate wood borers as wood is not porous.
    3. Hot steam treatment - a non chemical alternative to control the wood borers infestation by steam pressure.
  • Should chemical be applied on woods which are antique or artefact, a written​ ​authourisation​ ​will be required​ ​for the treatment.
  • Our PAL/ APAL licensed technicians can provide effective and targeted pest control solutions for wood borer tailored to your requirements.

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