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The Pestlympics 2021

The Summer Olympic Games 2020 is an exciting event that happens once every 4 years. With top athletes from countries all over the world competing to be an Olympic medalist. I have been watching the games as well and my favourite event is weightlifting. 

While I was engrossed in the weightlifting match between China and the Dominican Republic, I suddenly had an idea on how somes pests share similarities with the Olympians. 

Ant Is Stronger Than Olympic Weightlifter


I’m always in awe seeing weightlifters lift weights that are 2 to 3 times their body weight, but I didn’t realise that something as small as an ant crawling at home is able to carry objects 100 times heavier than its body weight. This made me grateful to see only a few ants in my home as I wonder how strong ants would be if there were an army of them invading my home and not being able to contain them! I wouldn’t want these strong ants to steal my lunch with their immense strength. Whew!

Rats Have Athleticism & Grip Strength


For the high jump and long jump events, the immediate resemblance of the trait reminded me of rats. Because I have seen rats jump exceptionally high both vertically and horizontally. I even found out that rats can jump as high as 36 to 48 inches. Besides that, rock climbing made its first debut in the Olympics. Which also makes rats excellent climbers using their sharp claws! I wouldn’t want rats in my home at all after knowing they have the traits of an Olympian. Click here to see how to identify signs of rat infestation at home.

Cockroaches Are Graceful And Fast

Cockroach gif

Last and not least, the infamous pest among them all - cockroaches who are amazing balancers like gymnasts. Why? Because during a Field Hockey match in the Olympics, a cockroach stole the attention in the game while it was walking steadily on a railing like a gymnast in a balance beam event. It totally was a sight to see!


A fun fact about cockroaches, did you know that cockroaches can also run up to almost 5km per hour? That makes cockroaches a sprinter like a true Olympian. Knowing this makes my skin crawl even more to think that cockroaches are speedsters!. If Usain Bolt wasn’t retired from sprinting, I wonder if he could have broken another world record if a cockroach was racing as well. 

After knowing that these pests have common traits as Olympians, I do hope it doesn’t scare you away when you encounter them. As you ignore pests, you are allowing them to thrive and live in your home which can be dangerous with the diseases they carry and could pose a threat to yourself and family living together! With a professional service, we can get rid of them for you - so that they won’t disturb you! If you are interested, do find out more by calling us at 1300 881 911 or head to our website for more pest control services

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