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Top 3 Most Dreaded Birds by Businesses

A clear blue sky with flocks of birds soaring signals a great day ahead. Accompanied by the mesmerising birdsongs, nothing gets better than that. Birds generally don’t create much of a problem. The abundance of food and shelter, however, encourage them to roost on buildings, fouling the structures and surrounding areas. Once this happens, it turns the once-attractive birds into pest birds.

When you notice one of these signs, that could mean your premises have been infested by pest birds:

  • Bird droppings can cause floors to be slippery and make them prone to slip, trip and fall incidents. The corrosive bird droppings can deface buildings and the presence of harmful germs could spread Salmonella, Histoplasmosis, etc.
  • Bird nests may attract cohabitation of other insect and parasite such as bird mites
  • Debris from nests and feathers can block gutters and drainage systems and potentially lead to structural damage to your premises
  • Bird cries can become annoying when they flock together

Now that you have learned to identify the early signs of bird infestation, let’s get to know the usual suspects in Malaysia.

1. Pigeon


These guys are perhaps THE most commonly seen and easily identified bird species. Did you know that pigeons have a good sense of direction and are able to find their way back to the original nest from 1,300 miles away. This means getting rid of them can be challenging once they have built a nest at your premises. Besides, they carry a range of harmful bacteria such as Salmonella and E.Coli.

2. Common Myna


Common myna is one of the three bird species in the 100 worst global invasive species under the Global Invasive Species Database*. This is because they can damage crops such as bananas and corns and incur financial losses for businesses. Closely to urban areas, they will also steal foods from kitchens or pollute drinking water with their droppings. If you own any food-related establishments, you might need to worry about them at your premises.

3. House Crow

House crow

House crow is perhaps the most vocal and easily recognisable bird species anywhere, thanks to pop culture. They tend to nest on high grounds, some as high as 60ft above ground, such as telephone tower or trees. They can probably spot more food too ;) Did you know they are actually omnivorous too? This means they would be pecking on rubbish, if this happens to be at your premises, it can also deter customers and leave them with a bad impression.

Leave it to the professional bird control experts

Rentokil Malaysia provides several birds control solution which:

  • Are designed with experienced local experts who are well versed in local pest bird biology and behaviour
  • Adheres to stringent safety standards to ensure services carried out are efficient and zero disruption in your premises
  • Emphasises on humane methods, which do not bring harms to the birds

If you are concerned about the impact of bird infestation, we are just one call away. Speak to our experts at 1300 882 911 or visit our website to get a comprehensive survey now.

* Source: Global Invasive Species Database (2019) Species profile: Acridotheres tristis.

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