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Rat Infestation in Vehicle Caused RM5,000 in Damages

Imagine you’re going through your daily morning routine, getting dressed, and leaving for work only to find rats running around in your car when you exit your front door. Not exactly the best start to a work day to say the least. That’s what happened to Man Lim, a satisfied customer of Rentokil Pest Control Malaysia. However, his journey to rid his car of this pest was not as smooth sailing as it could’ve been. Here’s the story of how Man Lim first found his rat problem and how he dealt with it.

Man Lim was just about to leave for work and saw rats running away from his car when he approached. This set off warning signs in his mind so he decided to check his car for signs of these pests. To his horror, he found that a family of rats was nesting in his car. Rat infestations can be extremely dangerous as not only do they spread diseases, they have a tendency to gnaw on wires. These rats could have easily gnawed through the brake or other electrical wires in the car, causing a malfunction.

Rat faeces inside a vehicle

Rat faeces inside the vehicle, Dead baby rat gnawing on vehicle wire, Rat nestings

Unfortunately, Man Lim did not call a professional pest control service instantly, instead opting for a cleaning service which cost him about RM 900. Satisfied with the cleaning, Man Lim did not realise he had not dealt with the root of the problem. Sure enough, the rats eventually came back and nested in his car. With another infestation on his hands, Man Lim once again sent his car for cleaning and once again the rats came back.

Infuriated, Man Lim finally decided to call a local pest control service to deal with his infestation. However, when they arrived at his home they could not locate the rats main nest, their only solution was to put ineffective rat baits around the premises. Man Lim was then charged and never heard from that company again. What’s worse, the rats moved from his car into his house. When it seemed impossible to solve his rat infestation, Man Lim was recommended to contact Rentokil Pest Control. After setting up a survey, our Residential Specialist arrived at Man Lim’s home. What he found impressed Man Lim. There were 7 different rat burrows around his property, all teeming with rats. Our residential specialist quickly identified the best solution, administered the treatment on the property and Man Lim’s rat problem was effectively treated after a long grueling period.

After contacting Man Lim for a quote, this is what he had to say:

“My previous pest control only handled a few types of pests, unlike Rentokil which has treatment for many different types of pest. I am quite satisfied with my treatment as it was quite effective. The first Rentokil specialist was very experienced and I could easily understand his explanations of the solutions available. I’m very happy with Rentokil and I’m glad my issue has been resolved.”

Resorting to DIY methods to save money can actually cost more in the long run. Engaging an expert pest control service will help to rectify the root problem more effectively and swiftly, which will lead to cost savings as well as maintain your peace of mind and protect you and your loved ones. At Rentokil Pest Control, we are committed to providing you the best pest control solutions to keep you safe. Contact us for a free inspection now at 1300 881 911, visit our website to find out more about rats and how to deal with them or for other pest solutions that you may need.

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