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One Thing Businesses Are Forgetting When Reopening After MCO

It’s that time of year again! World Pest Day falls on the 6th of June and this year, World Pest Day is much more important than ever before due to the extraordinary circumstances the world is facing. With the Conditional Movement Control Order scheduled to end on the 9th of June 2020, many businesses are rushing to complete disinfection and get sanitation supplies in stock to continue operations and keep their employees and customers safe. But what many companies may have forgotten or ignored is the looming threat of pests. Temporarily closed premises are the perfect place for pests to breed undisturbed. These pests not only pose a serious threat to your employees and customers, they are also able to cause serious damage to your goods or property! So in conjunction with World Pest Day, here are some of the pests you will need to be aware of before reopening for business.



These nasty insects are most probably the first you will notice when reopening your business. Cockroaches don’t just survive harsh conditions, they thrive and a closed premise is the perfect place for them to live. Your building provides them shelter from the elements and there’s plenty of food sources for them that you don’t realise. Cockroaches can feast on garbage, cardboard, paper, and other materials you never thought of. Not only that, with no one entering the premise, lights are constantly turned off. A dark area is the cockroaches favourite place to hide and you can be sure they’ll take the opportunity to lay their eggs too! When opening your shutters, beware these pests aren’t swarming out of your building!



Temporarily empty premises are also extremely attractive to rodents and they can be more destructive than cockroaches! These buildings provide shelter and are spacious enough for rodents to breed. With a home base established, rodents will then scour for food and water, which can destroy your consumable goods or contaminate them, leaving you with large amounts of costs. An infestation of rodents is also extremely dangerous as not only do they spread diseases such as leptospirosis and typhoid fever, they can be the cause of serious property damages. Rodents are known to constantly chew items as their front teeth are constantly growing and need to be maintained for them to survive. This leads them to chew wood, metal and even wires. There have been cases where rodents caused electrical fires by chewing wires. Furthermore, if customers or employees find rats, the reputation of your company will be in jeopardy.



Another pest to look out for would be flies. Unlike rodents and cockroaches, flies aren’t attracted to empty buildings due to shelter. Rather they are attracted to rotting food sources. Power outages can occur which leaves food sources vulnerable and are extremely attractive for flies to lay their eggs. They could also be attracted to rotting carcasses from other pests like rodents who died on your premises while it was closed. With no one to regularly clean the building, flies have plenty of time to lay their eggs, hatch and grow to be adults ready to continue the cycle. Before long, your premises will be home to a swarm of flies!

What Can You Do To Prepare For Reopening

Prepare For Reopening

If you are facing an infestation before reopening your business, the best way to deal with it is to conduct a flush-out treatment of these pests. Rentokil offers a Blitz treatment for each of these pests, which is a one time flushing program consisting of various treatments to effectively reduce the levels of infestation. The treatment is custom made to suit your business needs as we know each of our customers have different concerns. 

When the infestation is controlled, businesses often breathe a sigh of relief and go about their usual day but that’s the worst thing you could do. Even if pests are eliminated within your premise, there are still many more waiting to find their way in! Pest levels will skyrocket once again if no precautionary measures are taken. That’s why Rentokil also offers pest control contracts catered to your business needs. We are able to regularly schedule services to ensure pest levels are kept minimal, inform you if pest levels are on the rise, as well as provide recommendations.

Furthermore, we offer digital pest solutions in our PestConnect System which will be able to help remotely monitor pest levels. Digital pest solutions is the new way to safely and effectively manage pests proactively under these new circumstances. Businesses lose more money when reacting to pest infestations compared to if they had been proactive from the start. 

Disinfection and sanitation treatments are definitely key priorities but always keep in mind that pests are still a serious threat. Proactive measures need to be taken to help safeguard pest management in the future. Rentokil Initial understands the frustration and stress our customers are facing and provides a holistic approach to reopening your business. With our Rentokil Surface Shield Sanitation, Initial Hand Sanitisers, and Rentokil Pest Control Services, we can help you reopen your business in confidence. 

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