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Flies are flying insects that can frequently be found around your business premises. In Malaysia, common fly species, including various small flies such as fruit flies, are particularly prevalent in warm, moist conditions and are drawn to overripe fruits, vegetables, and even alcohol. House flies, on the other hand, are attracted to decaying organic matter like feces and carcasses. Due to their preference for unhygienic environments, flies are known to transmit diseases caused by harmful germs and bacteria such as Salmonella and E. coli, thus contaminating your products and putting your business reputation at risk.

There are many ways to get rid of flies or prevent them from becoming a problem. Firstly, dispose of food securely in a wrapped plastic bag. Secondly, take out the garbage once it’s full. Lastly, to manage serious fly infestations, we recommend using our Integrated Fly Management  (IFM) system, which provides a holistic defense for your premises to manage and mitigate the risks they pose. It encompasses four steps: Exclusion, Restriction, Destruction (Treatment), and Monitoring.

We partner closely with our customers to produce the best possible results. This program is designed to tackle all phases of a fly's life cycle, managing your fly issues with a combination of creative ideas and science-based methods. Our customers can feel confident that their fly infestation will be under control while maintaining a safe reputation as we work closely to implement IFM.

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Our following solutions are specifically designed to get rid of flies in your premises. Depending on the level of infestation and business needs, Rentokil will recommend the most suitable treatment to resolve your issues.

Foaming Solution

Foaming machine produces dense foam to enhance penetration and coverage in hard-to-reach areas such as drains and wall voids. The thick and long lasting foam will degrade organic material and food debris in drains, thus removing breeding spots for small flies.

Residual Spraying

Our residual spraying treatment involves the process of spraying solution to eradicate flies around your premises.

Thermal Fogging

Our water based thermal fogging solutions reduce carbon emission and is a more environmentally friendly option and much safer for our customers, with no unpleasant smells present compared to diesel based fogging. Through routine treatment, we can ensure your fly infestation is controlled.

ULV and Misting

The Ultra Low Volume (ULV) and Misting utilises water droplets mixed with pesticide to treat flying insects such as flies and mosquito. This treatment will be able to reach cracks and crevices that are hard to reach.


It is essential to monitor flies activities at your premises before it causes serious damage to your home or businesses. 

Our range of insect light traps is designed to attract and trap flying insects hygienically, thus eliminating any risks of contamination. Depending on your needs, our innovation is suitable to be placed in front and back of house

Benefits of Rentokil’s Fly Control Solutions

  • Experts - Qualified local pest experts with access to support by our global network of technical expertise
  • Tailored - Custom solution to protect all types of environments and settings
  • Hygienic and Effective - Proven services and solutions to deal with flies effectively and hygienically which can minimise risks of contamination
  • Peace of Mind - Stringent SHE standards by Rentokil ensure that our services bring zero disruption to your business

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The next generation of fly control solution: innovative LED fly trap.