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Common Pest Threats: World Pest Day

Once again it’s the annual World Pest Day. While not as exciting as World Cat Day or World Doughnut Day, World Pest Day, which falls on June 6th, is extremely important to raise awareness of the dangers of pests for both homes and businesses. While many might think pest problems are the same for everyone, nothing could be further from the truth. Pest problems you think might not be a big deal for your home could be enough of a reason to close down businesses. As Rentokil is continuously committed to raising the public awareness of pest threats, here are the different pest threats that homes and businesses face. 

Major Pest Threats for Homes

Let’s start with homes. When it comes to homes, when we think of pests, we might think of lizards, spiders or cockroaches. While cockroaches are definitely one of the top pest threats, lizards and spiders aren’t actually considered pests. The number one enemy for homeowners is often forgotten or ignored.



That’s right, termites are actually the cause of the most damage for homes. Causing over RM40 million in property damage each year, these pests are capable of eating your home from the inside out, without showing any signs until it’s too late! What’s worse, termites aren’t usually covered by insurance so if you have them, you better be prepared to fork out thousands of ringgits. In the worst case scenario, termites could cause deaths by collapsing roofs or walls. Luckily, with Rentokil’s termite solutions, you can easily prevent termites from attacking.



Another common threat which many Malaysians are familiar with are mosquitoes. Dengue is a serious problem, especially now since the symptoms are so similar to COVID-19. Unfortunately, Malaysians have become desensitised to the dangers of mosquitoes. It has become a part of our daily lives. That shouldn’t be the case! Mosquito infestations should be managed to protect your family from getting dengue and you can do that with Rentokil’s mosquito solutions.

Major Pest Threats for Businesses

When it comes to businesses, pests aren’t a laughing matter. Pests can cause serious damage to a business’s revenue in the form of spoiled products, forced closures and ruined reputation. But to make things more complicated, depending on the type of business, you’ll have different types of pest threats! So a one size fits all pest control will never solve your problems. Many businesses are slow in adapting to new ways of pest control, especially digital pest solutions. Pest control experts use scientifically socially responsible solutions to not only protect the business, but also public health.So here are the most common threats most businesses face that would need a professional pest control operator.



Rats are most probably the worst infestation a business can have, no matter what industry you’re in. They can easily get into food stores, leave urine and droppings everywhere, spread lethal diseases and can even cause fires from chewing electrical wires. To make matters worse, rats are experts at getting into buildings and premises and are extremely difficult to manage without an expert pest control operator.



Cockroaches come flying in again because these pests are worse for businesses than homes. Besides what we shared earlier, the moment any customer or guest sees a cockroach, they could make a big spectacle and even post it online. The moment word gets out, you can expect business reputation to drop drastically, which affects sales and revenue.



If your business is related to food, flies are going to be another worry on your tray. These pests are synonymous with dirty surroundings and unhygienic processes. Similar to cockroaches, they can cause food poisoning and cause your business reputation to drop. Flies have an added nuisance of flying around disturbing your guests and customers, which can turn a potential sale into a negative review. Luckily Rentokil has multiple solutions for fly control ready for you.

As you can see, whether it’s your home or your business, pests can be a serious problem if not treated properly. That’s why World Pest Day is so important to inform everyone on the dangers of pests and the role of proper pest control management. So the next time you ignore pests, remember the dangers they could pose to yourself, your family and your business. Rentokil can help manage your pest infestations with our effective treatments. Find out more by calling 1300 881 911 or visiting our website.

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