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How to Get Rid of Rats

Rat droppings or bite marks on wood or plastic are sure signs of rats. For many businesses, rats are huge pests that can cause food contamination, spread deadly diseases such as Leptospirosis, cause property damage by chewing electrical wires and causing fires. 

Furthermore the presence of rats can cause severe financial losses through product recalls or forced shutdowns, disrupt operations as well as jeopardise business reputations. Once it is known to the public that your premise may be infested with rats, you can be sure public backlash and business avoidance is sure to follow. Therefore proper rat pest control can help to avoid these disasters and ensure business operations are running smoothly. Additionally, learning how to prevent them can help to reduce the risk of reinfestations and avoid unwanted scandals.

Integrated Rodent Management (IRM)

Integrated Rodent Management (IRM) is a holistic rodent control programme specially designed to effectively and efficiently manage rodent infestations through 4 steps: Exclusion, Restriction, Treatment (Destruction) and Monitoring. Rentokil Pest Control Malaysia uses a combination of science based control methods and innovative solutions to eliminate your pest issues.

integrated pest management
  • Exclusion - Rodent proof premises to prevent access through entry points. This includes closing windows and doors, as well as sealing gaps in floors, walls and ceilings.

  • Restriction - Remove food sources, uphold strict hygiene and sanitation practices, and clear potential shelter areas for rodents to stop them from spreading within your premise.

  • Treatment (Destruction) - Market leading solutions such as bait stations and rat condo traps to bring infestation levels under control. Both toxic and non-toxic solutions are available.

  • Monitoring - Utilise trend analysis and motion sensor cameras to accurately record the number of rats after infestations have been brought to manageable levels. Our latest innovative PestConnect range provides connected rat monitoring solutions

If you are facing high rodent or cockroach infestation at your premises, blitz treatment is available to flush out these pests through an intensive targeted treatment.

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Rat Control Solutions

A successful rodent management program requires a combination of stringent planning and effective, proven solutions. Rentokil Integrated Rodent Management encompasses thorough site visits, with the infestation levels evaluated to provide the optimum programme for your business. Click module below to find out more:

Our rodent solutions are specifically designed to meet any customer need to effectively manage your infestation.

Benefits of Rentokil Rodent Control Solutions

  • Experts - Qualified local pest experts with access to support from our global network and technical expertise

  • Tailored - Custom solutions to cater to all types of needs and protect all types of environments

  • Safe and Effective - Proven services and solutions to deal with rodents safely and effectively without affecting your health

  • Peace of Mind - Stringent SHE standards by Rentokil ensure that our services bring zero disruptions to your business

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