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3 Ways to Prevent Pests From Your Home

The disgusting cockroach, the dreaded rat or the annoying ant. Any of these pests can be a nightmare if they are running around your home. Unfortunately, these pests are so common in Malaysia that everyone has had a horror story involving some of these pests. But it doesn’t have to be this way! Malaysians have the power to take their homes back from these pests and Rentokil is here to show you how you can prevent them from entering your home in just 3 easy steps!

1. Clean Regularly


The first step is a no brainer. Clean your home regularly and pests will be less attracted to enter. But do you know why? Pests will enter your home for three major things: food, shelter and water. If you’re someone who leaves food lying around or wrappers all over the place, you’re basically inviting pests to have a feast!

What’s more, just wiping tables and vacuuming isn’t enough. Making sure food scraps are securely disposed of is extremely important. So other than clearing crumbs or food scraps, this means making sure your rubbish bins are always closed properly, food tupperwares aren’t left open or accessible and dirty dishes or pans are washed immediately. Just don’t leave anything that pests might eat lying around and you’ll be one step in the right direction to preventing them from entering your home.

2. Keep Things Organised


Now this may seem similar to the first point, but we couldn’t stress this enough. If you have a store room full of things you haven’t looked yet in months or years, it’s a good spot for pests to hide and breed undisturbed. Getting rid of clutter and keeping things organised will help to reduce the number of areas pests can hide in. For example, keeping cardboard boxes or styrofoam around actually invites pests as these are the perfect materials to make nests out of.

To prevent pests from finding a suitable nesting spot, it’s time to stop being a hoarder and clear out any unwanted items you may have lying around. You’ll be killing two birds with one stone, clearing your unwanted items to prevent pests and donating to charity to make a difference in the community.

3. Seal Holes and Cracks


Something frequently overlooked is any holes or cracks in the walls of your home. Other than being unsightly, they also act as an opening for pests to enter your home. Now, you may be thinking, “I only have a tiny crack, there’s no way they can get into my home”. Well think again!

Cockroaches and ants can and will use the tiniest cracks to hide in and enter your home. What you might think as just a tiny crack, they think of it as a safe haven. For rats, you’d be surprised at how they can get into your home as well. These creatures are excellent climbers and swimmers! They can easily squeeze through tiny gaps, climb up pipes and even swim through drains to get into your home.

So the best thing to do is seal up any holes, cracks or gaps you may have around your home! Also remember to always keep your drain covers closed and firmly secured and never leave windows or doors open overnight.


With these three tips, you’re well on your way to prevent pests! But of course, using these tips doesn’t mean pests will magically be unable to enter your home. It’s always good to have a professional pest control to do routine treatment for your home, giving you total peace of mind. So for any pest problems, call Rentokil! We’ll help you solve your problems and let you retake your home. Contact us at 1300 881 911, visit our website or send us a message on our Facebook.

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