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Simpler Times During Hari Raya

Raya celebration is an exciting time to wear new clothes, decorate homes with the coloured lights, enjoy delicacies, and duit raya! I enjoy celebrating Raya too, especially the open houses (FOOD!) and I was really hoping to visit my friends’ house this Raya because we weren’t able to do so last year due to the MCO. Unfortunately, the recent high COVID-19 cases have put Raya open houses on hold yet again.

The last time I attended my friend’s open house was 2 years ago before the COVID-19 crisis. It was a fun filled gathering with lots of great food. The image of rendang, the tanginess and spice of asam pedas is still vivid in my mind. Thinking about it is making my mouth water.

Raya food feast

I had such a great time catching up with my friends and a lot of eating, but when I went to the kitchen, I had the shock of my life when I saw the pile of food waste that was left in the open. Have you heard a quote saying “One man’s trash is another man’s treasure?”. Well, in this case, “One man’s trash is another pest's treasure”. As humans were having a feast in the living and dining areas, cockroaches, ants and flies were partying in the kitchen!

It was a horrendous sight and kinda traumatic one too, because this led me to instill a habit of emptying my garbage bin at least once a day when I got home and had sanitation practices. That day I also learnt that pests usually come to our house for their survival needs – food, water and shelter. In order to keep them away, we must make sure that we don’t provide them with access to what they need to survive.

As a homeowner, I thought why not share with you some tips to keep pests away. Hope you find them useful:

  1. Remember to rinse any disposable food containers before throwing them away into the garbage bin
  2. Remember to take out the garbage at least once a day – best if you do twice a day
  3. Make sure your garbage bin lid and chutes are secured tightly and in addition seal any gaps or cracks in your home to prevent ants, cockroaches and rats from entering
  4. Clean your garbage bin and chute on a weekly basis
  5. Engage consistent professional pest control with Rentokil Year Round Protection Plan For Homes to ensure your home is protected from common household pests all year long with proper effective control. Technicians from Rentokil will have a routine treatment to provide the best pest control solutions depending on the situation to keep pests away in your home and will be there to help whenever a problem arises!

Having consistent professional pest control service will not only prevent giving you a headache from buying products that might not solve the root of your pest problems at home; but also the frustration in dealing with pests issues yourselves. It’s always best to leave it to the experts and have the peace of mind of having your home protected against unwanted pests.

Remember to keep any food debris away while you enjoy your Raya cookies and most importantly stay safe during this wondrous Raya!

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