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Pest management services for your business sector

Our expert solutions span across all business sectors. Whatever sector your business is in, we have a range of services to support your business needs.

For over 95 years, our experts have helped businesses all across the globe, from a range of different business sectors, protect people and enhance lives. Our global reach stands us in excellent stead to help your business meet legislation and audit requirements, wherever you may be. We work hard to keep up with ever-changing regulations and help businesses to understand and meet these requirements. 

Rentokil’s industry expertise

We have partnered with a number of different industry bodies, from different sectors, to combine efforts and help our mission of protecting people and saving lives. These partnerships have encouraged us to expand our skills set and expertise and mean that we stand in excellent stead to support businesses from a variety of sectors. Among the bodies we have partnered with are food safety institutions such as BRCGS and GFSI.

Innovative solutions tailored to your sector needs

We understand that no two businesses are the same and so we tailor our solutions to suit your needs. Science and innovation play a leading role in all of our solutions. Our Global Research and Development Centre drives our expert innovations with detailed analysis and focused research which lay the foundation for our work.

Innovation is our DNA

Science and innovation are at the heart of our processes. Our Global Research and Development Centre provides intensive research which we extrapolate to pioneer our leading solutions. We are also working hard to produce non-toxic and more sustainable pest control solutions, protecting our environment.

Global insights, local expertise

Our expertise span over 80 different countries worldwide and our international reach is unparalleled in the pest industry. This global presence ensures we are up to date with all local and global legislation requirements, across all business sectors. So, wherever you may be, our experts are at hand to help.

Effective solutions that support cost control

Pest infestations can generate significant costs if they’re left unmanaged. Our solutions, however, help you control these costs by reducing the impact of the infestation. We implement superior proofing and prevention measures to help you curb those costs.

Pest control services

We are proud to lead the way in pest control solutions across the world. From flies, fleas, bed bugs and moths to pests and rodents, we've got you covered, no matter which sector you work in.

Specialist disinfection

We have over 8,000 specialist disinfection technicians across 60 countries to protect multinational businesses against infectious bacteria, viruses and disease.

A proven track record of supporting customers from a range of sectors

We are proud to have a long, rich heritage of supporting businesses from a range of industries, across sectors, to improve their pest management programmes. For over 95 years, we have provided tailored expert advice to help businesses protect their people, property and reputation, no matter what industry or sector they belong to.

NewCold Logistics

Our pest management solutions play a leading role in NewCold’s operations. NewCold is an integrated service provider, based in Australia with major customers including Unilever and McCain. Food safety is an integral part of their operations and we’ve helped them achieve optimum food safety.


Hungry Lion

We are experts at mitigating risks in the food industry. Hungry Lion is an African chicken brand and our technicians have worked hard to help them combat food safety fears.


Business sector insights

We strive to ensure we are up to speed with all the latest news and information that may affect your business so we can better support your needs.

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Global account management

Providing multinational businesses with comprehensive, tailored solutions to support your global pest control needs

Innovation and expertise

Our Global Research and Development centre drives our industry-leading innovations for commercial pest control