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Why pest-proofing matters after COVID-19 lockdowns

As restrictions start to lift and organisations look at how best to return to work safely, they’ll need to address the problems that may have arisen during lockdown. Business might be more restricted or quieter than usual, but pests won’t be.

Proofing against pests is always important, but the risks have been higher during periods of closure. Lack of food from elsewhere may have driven pests out in search of new homes. Buildings that have been left unmaintained may have deteriorated, creating new opportunities for pests to gain access and, without supervision or adequate control measures, pest infestations may have escalated quickly.

But there are solutions to help get your facilities secure again and prevent unwanted visitors. Consider the following to make sure you’re protecting your business – during and after a lockdown.

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Pest proofing infographic

COVID-19 disinfection services

Rentokil’s disinfection solutions can help businesses deal with the effects of coronavirus.

  • Protects your business against infectious bacteria, viruses and disease.
  • Targeted disinfection solutions including ULV fogging and touchpoint cleaning.
  • A tailored service delivered in a safe, discreet and legally compliant manner.
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