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Disinfection services helping protect organisations from COVID-19 all over the world

As part of Rentokil Initial, it’s our mission to protect people and enhance lives. As the coronavirus pandemic impacts countries all around the world, we’ve been disinfecting premises to help organisations protect their people from COVID-19.

Our expert technicians are fully equipped to work safely and effectively, helping businesses re-open their premises quickly after periods of lockdown or contamination incidents. Disinfection teams have been supporting local businesses in 60 of the countries in which we operate – we’ve provided just a few examples of how our markets have recently been making a difference in this blog post.



Firstly, what are disinfection services?

Disinfection is an effective method of preventing the spread of viruses in buildings. Disinfection services require top-grade personal protective equipment (PPE), specialist equipment and an approved, high-level surface disinfectant.


Global disinfection services

To combat airborne pathogens and treat large areas quickly and effectively, disinfection services use ultra-low volume (ULV) disinfection fogging. A ‘fogger’ can generate a cloud of small droplets of a disinfectant liquid. These droplets cover large areas and settle under, over and to the sides of objects and surfaces. Fogging can treat areas that are often inaccessible with other cleaning methods and can also be used on a wide range of surfaces, including textiles.

ULV fogging and disinfection minimise disruption to businesses, removing pathogens quickly and safely and giving organisations peace of mind that buildings are safe for their colleagues and customers to return to.

Helping protect food safety with disinfection in North America

While so much of the world is in lockdown, essential businesses have continued their operations and require protection. The food industry, for example, has been working tirelessly to maintain supplies and meet public demand. Despite increased pressures, food processors must maintain high hygiene standards and implement measures to keep their staff safe.

Rentokil’s disinfection services launched in North America in March and since then, our colleagues have been busy supporting businesses, including food processing facilities, by using a disinfection formulation approved by the Environmental Protection Agency and the US Food and Drug Administration.

Thanking our emergency service heroes with vehicle disinfection in South Africa

Specialist disinfection services

The essential workers in the emergency services have played an important role in keeping people safe throughout the coronavirus pandemic. In South Africa, one of the teams from our sister company, Initial, have been saying thank you to their local emergency services by offering a donated disinfection service to their emergency vehicle fleet.

Even without physical contact, germs be transferred between people in vehicles via respiratory droplets or can settle on surfaces in vehicles and contaminate them. Studies suggest that the length of time that SARS-CoV-2 can remain on surfaces ranges from hours to days, so professional vehicle disinfection can be an important step in stopping the spread of the virus.

Supporting local communities with disinfection in Italy

Providing disinfection services for Dynamo camp

In these difficult times, our colleagues in Italy have shown their support for two charities with disinfection services.

Dynamo Camp is a recreational therapy camp based in Tuscany that hosts children who are in therapy or in the post-hospitalisation period. Our teams have donated a pest consultancy and donated a deep-clean disinfection service to help this organisation re-open safely and welcome children back in June.

With locations all over Italy, the mission of the Fondazione Rava charity is to fight poverty, promote inclusion and education and create ‘home-families’ that give vulnerable children a safe place to live. Our colleagues are donating disinfection services to three ‘home-families’, to help this organisation continue to protect those in its care.

Donating disinfection services in the Pacific

Donating disinfection services in the Pacific

The Ronald McDonald House Charities provide a ‘home away from home’ for families with unwell children, helping them stay close to hospitals while their children undergo treatment. Our colleagues in Australia and New Zealand have supported the charity since 2013, this year they’re showing their support by donating pest control and disinfection treatments to 12 homes. 

Making a difference with disinfection in India

Disinfection services in india

Disinfection teams in India have been supporting local police forces by donating services to police stations across the country to help them operate safely. Our colleagues’ work was featured on various social media channels and in local and regional newspapers, our Vadodara Branch in Gujarat was even shown on a local news channel, Spark TV.

Disinfection services near you

Global disinfection services

We’re helping organisations maintain high levels of hygiene to protect their people from COVID-19. If you’re considering how to return to work safely, our local teams can help reduce risk in your premises with legally compliant disinfection services designed to suit any business’ needs.

Stay safe with the experts in hygiene – learn more about disinfection services.

Specialist disinfection services

Expert sanitisation and disinfection services targeting harmful pathogens for cleaner, safer commercial spaces

  • Rapid response, highly trained and qualified local specialist disinfection team to tackle your problems fast
  • Targeted disinfection solutions including UKV fogging and touchpoint cleaning
  • Tailored services delivered in a safe, discreet and legally-compliant manner
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