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7 services to protect your business

Daryl Wing

Will COVID-19 ever go away? Back in March 2020, Dr Bruce Aylward – the senior adviser to the Director-General of the World Health Organization (WHO) – was asked this question by TIME USA.

Even back then, when information about COVID-19 was scarce, Aylward was convinced that the chances of coronavirus disappearing completely was “very, very unlikely”, as it was able to transmit too easily in humans, with waves or low-level disease more likely.

As days turned into weeks and weeks into months, it became increasingly apparent that he was correct. In many countries, the pandemic is still accelerating. The number of COVID-19 cases worldwide has doubled in the past six weeks. In Europe, Belgium, Spain and France have reported spikes in the infection rate. Continuing outbreaks raise the prospect of further restrictions being imposed.

The impact of the outbreak will be with us for some time. Every business will be affected. To manage and mitigate impact, businesses must start planning for what comes next. With employee health and wellbeing the lifeblood to any successful company, people are a priority.  

To feel safe, employees and customers need and expect ongoing reassurance. Safeguarding for the future is essential. By taking advantage of the following seven services, your business will reduce risks from pest infestations and maintain hygiene to meet the expectations of your employees and customers – now and in the future.

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1. Integrated hygiene solutions

integrated hygiene services to protect your business in this new coronavirus world.

Rentokil’s sister company Initial supplies an extensive range of integrated hygiene solutions and services for businesses to maintain a hygienic environment during the pandemic. Pathogens can spread easily throughout a workplace – person to person, surface to person or via the air.

By using the world’s leading hygiene company, you can reassure employees and other users that your business is safe and reduce cross-contamination on your premises by targeting the following areas.

2. Disinfection

The risk of local outbreaks of COVID-19 will remain while the coronavirus is still in circulation. Being able to identify, report and respond to any potential outbreak in your business is critical.

If an infected person has been on site, your business should decontaminate as a precautionary measure. Our professional disinfection service teams will help protect your business against the effects of the coronavirus with the following methods.

  • A surface disinfectant that cleans all the key touchpoints and surfaces in the building to protect from contamination for 24 hours.
  • Ultra-low volume (ULV) disinfection fogging for rapid disinfection of larger areas, reaching areas that may be difficult to access.
  • Transport disinfection services to reduce cross-contamination and reassure staff, customers and visitors that your vehicles have the highest standards of hygiene in place.

3. Pest-proofing

pest proofing services to protect your business in this new coronavirus world.

Proofing against pest infestations has never been more necessary, with the risks higher than ever after lockdowns and periods of closure. Pests breed at an alarming rate if left unattended. They can cause damage to property, equipment and stock, and carry many diseases.

Rentokil’s range of proofing solutions will help protect your business from all pest entry. Internal proofing will restrict pest movement inside and limit the spread of infestations. Protecting your business from the following pests is important because of the impact on revenues, absenteeism from ill-health, brand image and reputation.

  • Rodents
  • Cockroaches
  • Stored product insects (SPIs)
  • Birds

4. Integrated pest management

In one of our surveys1, 55% of businesses reported losing at least one working day per year as a result of pest infestations. Our integrated pest management programmes are tailored to the needs of your business and offer total control.

Focusing on prevention rather than control, we use our innovative technology to identify and evaluate risk areas and any conditions that may be contributory to pest activity. Our highly trained pest technicians will then recommend measures to help exclude pests from your premises that could include the following.

  • Pest control solutions such as heat treatments as a non-toxic method to control insect pests.
  • Digital pest control solutions using IoT-enabled devices to help control and prevent pest infestations.
  • Pesticides may be used in extreme circumstances. However, alternative non-toxic options will always be considered first.

5. Fly control

fly control services to protect your business in this new coronavirus world.

Flies breed at an incredible rate and carry pathogens that spread diseases. They’re widely regarded as one of the most troublesome pests. With revenue loss, tarnished brand reputation and staff absence as just a few of the consequences of a fly infestation, an effective solution to deal with the problem is essential.

Lumnia insect light traps are designed to capture and encapsulate flying insects by using LED lamps to attract them to the unit. The Lumnia range even eliminates the risk of fly fragments falling outside of the unit, thereby reducing the risk of cross-contamination. Other key features include the following.

  • High-attraction LED lamps are optimised for best-in-class fly catch rates.
  • High-performing units in a range of colours to blend seamlessly into your business environment.
  • Greater energy efficiency that contributes to a lower environmental footprint.

6. Digital pest control

According to WHO, previous pandemics have been characterised by waves of activity spread over months. Rentokil’s trusted digital solutions will safeguard your business now and in the future if further restrictions are enforced.

Digital technology allows organisations to manage and report on pest activity more effectively and provides peace of mind by helping you safely monitor your facilities from afar. We provide a range of connected devices fully integrated into myRentokil – our online customer portal – for comprehensive reporting on multiple devices, wherever you are.

  • Filtered data for a greater understanding of pest activity by pest type or device.
  • In-depth, real-time insights across your premises, tailored to your business needs to support audit requirements.
  • Safe and secure storage of data with https encryption and a backed-up data centre.
risk mapping to protect your business in this new coronavirus world.

7. Education and awareness

In times of business disruption, leadership and communication are crucial. Education is vital. To reduce cross-contamination, ensuring that your employees understand the importance of maintaining good personal hygiene is one of the best ways to keep them safe. Establishing positive hand hygiene as a way of life can help to reduce germ transmission.

We can help by providing your staff with educational materials that encourage good hygiene, such as guides, posters for the workplace and check sheets to reinforce the importance of positive hygiene.

Ride the wave with Rentokil

TIME USA finished their interview with Dr Bruce Aylward with this question: how do you think this pandemic will end? Dr Aylward said that the answer depends on how much and how quickly we adopt the measures necessary to minimise the damage that the coronavirus can do.

No matter which industry, our solutions can help reduce illness from pathogenic transmission. They can eliminate any pest issues that may occur and give peace of mind to your employees and customers. Download our free ‘Back to Work’ guide today.

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1The Business Impact of Pests, Rentokil and CEBR Research by Option Matters, 2015

Daryl Wing
Daryl Wing

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