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pests and the coronavirus

Which animals can catch the coronavirus?

Harry Wood

There have been several reports in the press about animals being tested positive for COVID-19. These range from domestic cats and dogs to tigers in zoos and farmed mink. Coronavirus has also been found in wild animals in Vietnam that enter the food chain through trafficking networks and animal farms supplying urban restaurants. This raised the question of whether domestic and farmed animals pose a risk of transmitting coronavirus to humans through local food supply chains.

In the graphic below, we show how many coronavirus species have been discovered so far and their relationship to animals.

coronavirus infographic: Which pests can catch covid-19

The coronavirus pandemic is symptomatic of the way we humans are encroaching on new land, especially natural forest. This has resulted in numerous disease outbreaks as the human population has expanded and continues to pose new risks to human health. Numerous experts have concluded that it will need a rethink of the way we treat the environment and our methods of food production.

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Harry Wood
Harry Wood

I am a Content Communications Editor at Rentokil Initial, writing content for all our marketing activities on topics as diverse as pest control, pest-borne diseases, food safety, climate change, wellbeing, hygiene and airborne diseases. I've been an editor and writer for over 30 years in academic and business roles. I started life in the Forestry Commission, moved into tropical forestry and environment in Thailand before migrating to the world of healthcare IT and medical technology back in the UK. My role at Rentokil Initial has given me the chance to return to some of my roots when writing about wood-boring insect pests ... or is that boring Wood writing about insect pests?

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