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remote monitoring during lockdown

Keeping your business pest-free during closed periods

Megan Horgan

Your business may be restricted by lockdowns, but pest aren’t. In fact, buildings that have been left empty may have been exposed to increased pest risks because entry is easier and food and shelter are available while other establishments are closed.

But there are digital pest management solutions that can monitor your premises from a distance and keep you informed on any pest activity from wherever you’re working. Consider the following to learn how remote monitoring works and why it can help keep your business protected during periods of lockdown and as you re-open.

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How remote monitoring can support your business during COVID-19 lockdown infographic

If you’re still operating under restrictions or have just re-opened, don’t let pest infestations escalate. Our digital solutions can help facilitate new, more remote ways of working and give reassurance that your premises are monitored 24/7. We also offer recovery pest services to help you get back to business safely. Keep your staff, customers and visitors protected and be prepared for any further lockdowns with PestConnect.

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Megan Horgan
Megan Horgan

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