Multifamily housing

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Multifamily housing

We understand that your tenants come first.

Multifamily properties so often experience pest problems due to the tenants continually moving in and out. Apartment and condo buildings also often have multiple entry-points where pests can easily gain entrance.

Pests can poise many risks to multifamily property owners and tenants, including:

  • The spread of disease
  • Increase in tenant complaints
  • Possible litigation
  • High repair costs due to property damage caused by pests
  • Termination of leases
  • Damage to reputation in local community resulting in decrease in new tenants

A infestation in a multifamily unit can quickly spread so it is imperative that building managers partner with a pest control company that can quickly respond to your issues. Rentokil technicians are on-call 7-days-a-week in case of pest emergencies.

Concerned about pest issues in your property? Contact Rentokil at 1-800-837-5520 or contact us online  to speak with a live pest expert or to schedule a free pest inspection from a state-licensed Technician.

Disinfection for multifamily housing

Rentokil not only addresses pest issues at multifamily properties, but we also offer a disinfection service to protect tenants from the  risks coronavirus poses.

Rentokil’s multifamily housing industry partnerships

Rentokil works with national and local industry associations and thought leaders to better serve our customers. We leverage industry-specific opportunities so we enhance our expertise for multifamily housing. We are pleased to support the NAA (National Apartment Association) as a National Suppliers Council (NSC) member.

The most common multifamily housing pests

Bed Bugs - Capable of crippling your property’s reputation, bed bugs are on the rise throughout the United States. Rentokil’s PROTECT+ System provides an integrated approach to controlling these pests in your facility, allowing us to respond to your bed bug issues in hours, rather than days. Our unique program offers multiple levels of protection and utilizes a combination of environmentally friendly products to provide ongoing protection that keeps working long after treatment.

Fleas - Like bed bugs, fleas are a common problem in apartment/condo buildings and can quickly spread throughout a property if left untreated. Multifamily units that allow pets like dogs and cats are more susceptible to flea infestations. Rentokil has highly-effective treatment options for fleas, including chemical-free solutions.

Mice - An infestation of mice can cause panic among tenants and requires swift and decisive action. Rentokil’s full complement of rodent solutions are designed to eliminate mice in a quick and safe manner.

Pigeons - A very problematic pest for multifamily housing managers, pigeons can cause property damage, expose building inhabitants to disease and scare away potential tenants. Rentokil bird control experts will work with you get rid of your pigeon problem or issues with seagulls and European starlings.

No obligation property inspection

Need some expert advice? Rentokil offers new customers free pest inspections of their properties. Give us a call at 1-800-837-5520 or contact us online to schedule your inspection with your local Rentokil office.

A state-licensed Technician will visit your property, identify any active infestations or conditions conducive to infestations and recommend a comprehensive treatment plan.



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