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Top Four Pest Control Innovations and Devices

With the abundance of food, water, and shelter available in our residential and commercial spaces, it is no surprise that pests seem to be an unavoidable characteristic of urban environments.  We have used all types of pest control techniques to eradicate them as long as they continue to infest our premises. This range from DIY solutions, off-the-shelf sprays and traps and natural ingredients. That is why pest control companies such as Rentokil Initial embrace research and development in the areas of innovation and technology with effective pest control solutions

From digital pest control to eco-green solutions, Rentokil’s specialists and scientists have carefully studied and tested a variety of pest control techniques to ensure their efficacy in pest prevention and management. In this article, Rentokil discusses these innovative techniques and how they can help with your pest problems.

four factors in innovating pest control solutions

4 Pest Control Innovations And Devices 

Besides pest behaviours and activity, advances in technology and environment are considered developing pest control solutions. Firstly, there are more concerns about the harmful environmental effects of pesticides and pest control specialists have switched to using eco-friendly chemicals instead. Secondly, to develop different pest control services for residential and commercial spaces as they both have differing pest management needs. Thirdly, it is important to address pests’ intelligence such as rodents and pests’ chemical resistance. Finally, to help commercial customers and businesses undergoing heavy operation costs, pest management can be made green with energy savings. 

Pest Behaviours 

Pest control techniques target the behaviors of pests such as rodents based on a thorough understanding of how they act in urban environments. Rats in particular are pests that do not fall into tricks easily, especially in environments where they are not familiar with. They are highly sensitive to their surroundings, including baits, traps and lures. Thus, this increases the challenges in getting rid of rats effectively, let alone their nocturnal nature. Rentokil’s cutting edge technology in digital rodent control uses senses to detect their movements and activities. This enhances the detection rate, thus optimising the catch rate with a targeted and strategic placement of the trap. In addition, it is able to monitor their activities everyday, 24/7.

Chemical Resistance

As dengue fever and Zika virus remain an ever-present threat in Singapore, it is crucial that we deal effectively with its carriers - the Aedes mosquito. Besides  water-based fogging, preventative measures can be taken to reduce the mosquito population in the earlier stages. Mosquitoes have grown their resistance to chemicals with insecticide sprays and fogging solutions. Thus, the challenges and difficulty level in eliminating mosquitoes increase. This is especially more challenging with the climate change where mozzies thrive better in warm conditions, while higher mosquito breeding sites are observed. There is a need to innovate the mosquito control in Singapore, offering effective eradication of larvae and adult mosquitoes.

This is what In2Care aims to do as a mosquito trap that attracts female Aedes mosquitos to lay their eggs that are then killed by the larvicide once the eggs enter the pupal stage. Once the larvicide comes into contact with a female mosquito, it will kill her in 7 to 14 days. During this time, the infected mosquito will contaminate other breeding sites as it searches for places to breed. Consequently, by leveraging on a female Aedes mosquito’s behaviour, In2Care can reduce the spread and transmission of dengue fever and Zika virus.

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Technology Advancements 

Technology's primary goal has always been to solve human problems to increase our quality of life. Solutions include Rentokil’s PestConnect and online digital reporting tool, myRentokil. PestConnect is a series of baits and traps that provide round-the-clock monitoring and protection against rodents. Equipped with sensing technology that triggers an alert once rodents are caught in the trap, PestConnect allows technicians to proactively and preventatively deal with rodent infestations in your premises. For businesses that are at risk of rodent infestation and have zero pest tolerance policy, such as those in the food retail and hospitality industries, PestConnect is an innovative rat control solution. This is especially critical for businesses with multiple premises. For example, properties or outlets or dealing with massive facility monitoring or regulatory audit compliance. Digitalised reporting and pest management offers the convenience and peace of mind in complying stringent audits and customers’ demands.

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Cost Efficiencies

Firstly, the standard of living is increasing ranging from labour, materials, resources and utilities. This is especially for businesses running on intensive operating costs, require multiple premises or are zero-tolerant to pest infestation. This includes sectors such as food and beverage, industrial and manufacturing, facility management and food processing or pharmaceutical businesses. To help better running costs, the Lumnia LED Fly Control is designed to not only enhance the quality and standard of fly control, but deliver energy savings. It utilises LED technology to lure and attract flies based on their sensitivity to lights. While helping to save energy consumption, it does not serve functionally only. Lumnia considers the aesthetics and decor, particularly for front of house, cafes and receptions that are public facing.

adopting integrated pest management

Adopt An Integrated Pest Management Approach

While pest control experts can enhance the standards of solutions in ridding pests efficiently, pest management requires integrated effort. Firstly, this includes adopting diligent and sound facility maintenance and housekeeping. Secondly, proofing the home to minimise pest entries is paramount to a pest-free home. Thirdly, consider treating a series of common commercial or residential household pests invading your premise. Fourthly, do not forget to keep checking your space for signs of pests or unusual presence of pest activities. Above all, consistent protection and prevention against pests can help put away the hassles and inconvenience arising from a pest infestation.  In summary, we should not rely only on the works of pest control experts. As pest infestation or recurrence can take place. While most factors are preventable or controllable, there are conditions require professional help. This include urbanisation, environmental and cross infestation that require professional help. 

Rentokil Singapore offers a range of expert pest control services for homes and businesses! Contact us at (65) 6347 8138 for a pest control solution today.

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