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Rentokil PestConnect Service - An award-winning solution

Rentokil PestConnect Service is an online connected system, which provides continuous 24/7* monitoring, rapid response and protection against rodent pests.

These connected solutions actively detect, capture and eliminate rodent pests, using innovative and highly effective traps, bait stations and monitors. Using wireless technology, the PestConnect system works completely independently and discreetly, keeping watch over your premises day and night. If a pest is detected or the trap activated, an immediate alert is triggered.

How PestConnect works?

Designed to protect businesses that are required to demonstrate high hygiene standards, PestConnect actively detects, captures and eliminates a variety of pests.

  1. Alert: As soon as the unit is triggered, a message is sent to Rentokil, providing a full audit trail
  2. Respond: Once notified, your local Rentokil Technician will be in contact to arrange a visit at a suitable time for you
  3. Report: All service visit activity will be recorded on our customer portal – a unique, online reporting system
  4. Optimise: During the visit, the technician will survey the premises to identify any signs of infestation and recommend preventive measures
  5. Monitor: Continuous monitoring of your site via Rentokil’s innovative Connect solutions

The award-winning solutions offer 24/7* remote monitoring across your locations, giving you total visibility and control.

The PestConnect service is currently available on 2 rodent trap innovative devices, they are:

Radar Connect

  • Radar Connect (Remote pest monitoring and protection against mice)

Radar which stands for Rodent Activated Detection and Riddance, in the PestConnect system, the unit is connected along with repeaters and a control unit. The repeaters are used to extend the systems range (dependant on the size of the site area covered) whilst the control unit communicates with the Rentokil server.

When a RADAR unit is activated by a mouse, a message is transmitted via text to a Rentokil technician alerting them immediately to the issue. The technician then visits your site to deal with the mouse activity, and will also raise any recommendations associated with the intrusion, all of which is recorded on your myRentokil portal.

Rat Riddance Connect

Rat Riddance Connect is developed and rigorously tested to meet the needs of businesses that require a non-toxic solution to protect their premises from rat activity. The instant communication of a captured rodent alerts Rentokil immediately, and is able to distinguish between a capture and false trigger. Same like Radar Connect, it is fully integrated into myRentokil for access to an audit trail of device activity.

Multi Mice Trap Connect

Multi Mice Trap Connect

Rentokil’s MMT device provides remote pest monitoring and protection against mice. It works with a variety of metal traps that has the ability to catch and contain several mice, maximising the number of mice you capture. In the event of pest activity, our technicians will promptly remove mice from the MMT units, inspect the area to determine points of entry and recommend preventative measures for enhanced protection.

  1. Monitor - Detects and captures several mice with each metal trap through a highly effective monitoring system
  2. Alert - Once a mouse has been captured, a message will be sent to Rentokil Command Center
  3. Respond - Real-time* information, Rentokil team is notified of a trap to allow quick response
  4. Reporting - All service visits and activities are recorded on myRentokil, 24/7 real time* information
  5. Optimise - During each visit, the technician will remove the mice from the unit, inspect the area to identify points of entry and recommend preventive measures.

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Key benefits of PestConnect

Individually tailored to your business needs, our connected solutions for mice detect, capture and alert a rapid response to any rodent pest issues.

*Subject to factors including network strength, power supply and server refresh

  • Continuous 24/7* & 365 days a year protection & monitoring against pests
  • Effective & immediate treatment to control pests & minimise business impact
  • Fast, effective response from skilled technicians to identify infestation source & recommend any further action
  • Easy-to-access, reporting provides status of incidents online for auditing & analysis
  • PestConnect helps provide additional assurance to third-party auditors of audit compliance

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