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Where to Place a Rat Trap?

Did you know? Rodents can enter through very small openings. A mice can enter through an opening of only 0.6cm in diameter. A rat can enter through holes as small as 1.25cm.

Rat traps can be a very effective rat and mouse control method and provides the following advantages:

  • Traps are especially effective where rodenticides are not permitted or may pose a potential hazard to people and non-target organisms.
  • They provide quick results
  • They allow for the immediate disposal of dead rodents, preventing any potential odour problems that can result if a rodent dies in an inaccesible area.

There are several different kind of traps and the most common are snap traps, glue traps and multi-catch traps.

Quick tips on where to place rat and mouse traps

Question: Where to place a rat trap to increase the chances of getting a mouse or rat caught?

Rat traps should be placed in various locations, concentrate in area with the highest activity. They should be placed on runways to intercept the rodent’s travel and be placed in hidden areas as well.

Here are some tips to place a trap for a mouse:

  • Move traps often; switch locations every 2 to 3 days because mice are curious!
  • Move them in all directions
  • Place unbaited traps where mice kinesthetically run

Here are some tips to place a trap for a rat:

  • Avoid entry points because rats are neophobic and cautious

Fun fact: During rat and mouse trapping programs, more rodents are trapped on the first night than any other night.

Sanitation is equally important

Sanitation is equally important to raise the success rate in rodent pest control. It works hand in hand well with rat trap placement on the premise.

In residential settings, proper food storage practices for both human and pet food and the importance of cleaning up food spillage and debris must be emphasized.

For a commercial setting, it would be a mistake to allow vegetation in the premise perimeter to be overgrown and left unkempt. Food products in store and warehouse should not be left sitting for long periods of time too.

Expert tip! To keep out pest rodents, pest proof the door entrance with door sweeps. Door sweeps (also called bristle strips) can go a long way to prevent rodents from entering the gaps beneath doors.

A smart rodent control: Snap trap innovation

Rat traps have to be placed strategically to maximize chances of getting the rodents trapped. This can be done by a pest control expert, who is able to handle rat baits and rat traps professionally.

Rat traps have already long evolved using smart system to become a smart rat trap for rat control in Singapore. An innovative snap trap which can fully integrate into a pest controller’s system is able to send instant notification of a rat capture, leading to an enhanced monitoring.

Rentokil’s latest launch of an innovative smart rat trap, Rat Riddance Connect is able to provide a better management of rat problems. It gives lesser opportunity for rats from escaping the tamper resistant baiting station. Additionally the Rat Riddance Connect is able to help avoid risks of trapping non-target species with ability to place at high risk areas such as the false ceiling, and also avoid accidental ingestion by non-target organism.

Besides being a safer and more effective rat trap solution, the technology enhancement creates a more stable connection carries minimal false alarm.

A smart snap trap versus a traditional glue board reduces the chance of rats escaping!

Is Rat Riddance Connect suitable for you?

Rat Riddance Connect is suitable for all businesses, especially those with requirements for high levels of hygiene and audit compliance, including:

  • Food processing
  • Food preparation and storage
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Healthcare

Call Rentokil, the experts in pest control today to discuss more on how you can start your smart rat trap program, and where to place your rat trap to reach a control more effectively. Reach us at (65) 6347 8138


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