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Pest Control Singapore

Pest control in Singapore involves the engagement of a professional pest control specialist to conduct a site inspection, identify pest species, locate the key risk areas and deliver effective and safe pest treatments for your premise. In addition, credible specialist will conduct regular inspection and monitoring of your pest infestation, and offer useful pest prevention tips to complement your pest management programme. Pest control solutions are catered for various sectors including high dependency, food establishments, industrial, commercial and residential environment.

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Residential Pest Control

Homes are a breeding ground for pests such as cockroaches, ants, termites, mosquitoes and even bed bugs. This is because of the abundance of food supplies they can obtain from water, food preparation, waste and materials themselves. While DIY remedies do work on some pests and particularly in their early stages of pest infestation, it is best to engage a professional home pest control specialist to conduct the regular inspection, treatment and monitoring for your home.

Commercial Pest Control

Commercial pest control entails more than just pest control services in Singapore. Besides carrying out the mandatory and essential checklist including inspection, site survey, monitoring and necessary treatments, there are additional requirements. This includes pest trend anaylsis, quality audit and regulatory compliance support, outreach and education and proofing recommendation.

Besides, because of its risk factor and business priorities, integrated pest management is recommended to ensure comprehensive and optimal protection and pest management support is rendered.

Facts about pest control in Singapore

Are pest treatments dangerous and harmful?

Pest control treatments are carried out by licensed and trained specialist under the regulatory compliance and utilise the right active ingredient and dilution rate to ensure safety and efficacy. There are pre and post treatments in place to ensure safety measures are considered such as keeping away from the treated site, ventilation considerations and covering of food sensitive areas. In addition, there are risk assessments conducted to ensure risk and safety gaps are considered or critical to note. Finally, there are eco-green and low toxicity solutions that optimise the safety level of the treatments.

When should we call for pest control engagement?

The recommended approach when dealing with a pest problem is to take prompt action in eliminating the pest activities instead of applying DIY home remedies or "wait and see" approach. This is because pest population can breed and multiply, thus increasing the presence and widening the spread of the infestation. Early detection and treatment can miminise the damages and consequences, while managing costs to rectify efficiently. In summary, it protects your users and families from implications arising from pest infestation including food contamination, spread of diseases and property damages.

Are pest control services expensive?

Generally pest control solutions are designed in an affordable, value for money, safe and effective to resolve your problem. However, certain conditions and factors can result in higher investment such as seriousness of the infestation, type of solution applied, extensiveness of the coverage required and professional expertise such as trend analysis, pest identification and audit support.

How do I determine if the pest control company is credible?

You may apply the following factors to evaluate the trustworthiness and credibility of the company:

  • The certifications, licenses and accolades of the company to illustrate their quality standards
  • Type of technology and standard of active ingredient utilised such as eco-green solutions and digital solutions
  • Brand image and reputation of the company
  • Volume of satisfied customers and positive reviews on public platform
  • Resource and capacity, and ability for quick and responsive solutions to resolve a problem

How should I go about engaging a specialist?

You may contact and enquire with the pest control specialist by describing the problem, provide images if available, and check details relating to treatment options, time required to treat, what to expect during and after treatment and what additional actions to take post treatment.

How do I know if the treatments are effective?

Initial assessments include observing if there is a reduction or elimination in pest population or activities, smaller infestation spread and any possible recurrence of an infestation. Other factors include the after sales service, post treatment monitoring and inspection and regular communication and recommendation on matters covering housekeeping and proofing.

Rentokil Pest Control Singapore reviews

Read and find out what our customers have to say about their pest control experience with us.

Friendly staff and great work

"Very satisfied with Rentokil’s service. The expert who came over did a great work, he explained on the termites, the process, etc. And he’s very friendly. Overall, we’re happy!"

Rating 10/10

Ms Eka Ansar, Residential Customer


Highly recommended for great service

"Great service. Efficient staff. Rentokil assessed the termite problem correctly. Managed to get rid of termites that were in the cupboard. Rentokil sent a technician to check for termites in all the rooms. Fortunately no more termites were found. Highly recommended pest controller!"

Rating 10/10

Ms Geraldine Wong, Residential Customer


Responsive team with good expertise

"The experience with the management and their team attached to my company is great with good expertise in the field of pest control and the fast response to threats from the pest. Very responsive and friendly service team as well as their leaders."

Rating 10/10

Ms Loy Mr Wen Han, Commercial Customer


Common Pests In Singapore

Pests have different habitats, life stages and breeding mode, and shows signs of infestations that differ from species to species. Here are some common commercial and residential home pests you may like to know further.

Capable of causing itchy bites and mental distress, bed bugs require blood meals to survive and can hide in tiny cracks and cervices.

Notorious for its Dengue and Zika viruses, mosquitoes can enter your property through windows, doors, gaps and openings.

Also known as white ants, termites can cause structural damanges, compromising the health and safety of your family or employees.

Ants are smart pests and are highly efficient in tracking food scents.

With the ability to transmit diseases, cockroaches can cause food poisoning.

Besides being a nuisance, flies pose health risks by transmitting diseases.

Besides transmitting diseases, rodents also carry other pests in their fur.

Often found in dark and secluded areas, spiders can cause nuisance due to their webbings.

Pets including cats and dogs can suffer from itchy bites from ticks and fleas.

What you need to know about pest control services in Singapore

Pest control services can be conducted on a long term basis where regular and scheduled treatments are delivered on a recommended frequency. Alternatively, it can be applied on an one-off basis, targeting at localised problem to fix them temporarily. The range of services include residential home pest control covering cockroach and ants, bed bugs elimination, rodent control services, flies control solution, long term termite control programme and integrated mosquito control solutions.

In addition, there are specialised treatments including fumigation, vector control, foaming solution and digitalised pest management. Premises' condition, environmental factors and users needs are different, and it is best to engage pest control company to evaluate and access your situation, before recommending the right solution.

What is the price of pest control services?

The cost or price pest control in Singapore is dependent on factors including the severity of the infestation level, premsie coverage, complexity of the pest type and treatments, and choice of units technology and active ingredient used. Besides, factors such as frequency, number of pest to treat, nature of the space (such as food safety sensitive, profile of users and property type) have to be considered. Above all, there are value added services, monitoring and reporting, responsiveness and brand credbility that can impact the price factor.

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