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Home pest control

Why do you need routine pest control treatment for your home?

Did you know those freely roaming at your home may not be safe? For example:

  • Some ant species are known to bite painfully and can spread harmful bacteria after travelling in unsanitary areas
  • Cockroaches spread multiple types of illnesses and those that causes food poisoning such as Salmonellosis
  • Rats also spread infectious diseases that causes food poisoning and Leptospirosis
  • Bedbugs hidden in your furnitures can cause itchy bites and skin rash

Most homeowners attempt to treat a pest problem on their own and usually ended up treating the infestation which is not the root cause of the pest problem. Beneath the walls and deep in the crevices, lies the nesting ground for these pests that cannot be treated by DIY pest chemicals. Besides that, unlicensed use of pesticides are also known to be hazardous to your health and the environment.

Your home is your asset which serious pest infestations will affect the property value. A pest infestation at your home will be more difficult to alleviate and cause serious health and safety threats to your home and family. It is best to engage a professional and trustable pest control service provider to solve it.

At Rentokil Pest Control Singapore we have the technical expertise to identify your pest problem and recommend an appropriate course of treatment. Besides that, we also have a team of experts that are specialised in pest biological studies and are certified to provide effective recommendations and solution.

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FAQ on home pest control

What is residential home pest control?

Residential home pest control can refer to DIY and professional methods - DIY methods include spraying insecticides, setting traps, and using natural remedies - Professional methods are conducted by pest control companies that can provide targeted solutions depending on the type and severity of pest infestation the home is suffering from. It typically covers common home pests including ants, cockroaches, mosquitoes, termites and bed bugs. Generally, the scope of service is less complex and costly compared to commercial pest control where space of treatment, number and type of pests and pest control applications differ.

How much does it cost to do pest control for homes?

The cost of pest control for homes is influenced by a few factors:

  • Type and number of pest
  • Area of infestation affected
  • Severity and spread of the infestation
  • The equipment and treatments used
  • Selection of active ingredients and baits used
  • Frequency and number of treatments required
  • Additional support including audit and reporting

What are some common home pest control services?

Some common home pest control services in Singapore include:

  • Preventative home checks for pests
  • Cockroach and ants treatment
  • Termite control services
  • Enhanced bed bug programme
  • Digital rodent control
  • Integrated mosquito treatment

Do enquire with a professional pest control company to learn more about the other services that they offer.

What are some pest prevention tips to apply?

Besides regularly keeping your homes clean, here are a few other tips that can reduce the risks of pests entering your homes:

  • Seal up any crevices and holes in the walls and floors to prevent pests like cockroaches and ants coming into your homes through those openings
  • Bag your trash properly so that the smell does not attract pests like flies, cockroaches and rats and they cannot get to the inside
  • Install insect screens on windows to prevent pests like mosquitoes, lizards and ants from traveling in
  • Use baits to lure and trap pests
  • Maintain sound housekeeping and sanitation of the environment
  • Eliminate or cover all food sources that pests rely on especially in the kitchen and dining hall

When used regularly, these tips will go a long way in preventing pests from entering your homes. Nonetheless, if your home is suffering from a pest infestation, it is best to leave it to a professional pest control company in Singapore as they will have expert solutions to tackle the problem.

How often are home pest control conducted?

For those who wish to prevent infestations at the very first sign, having home pest control on a regular basis every month is ideal. In homes that experience infestations, it may depend on the type of pest and severity of the infestation. Different pests situations respond to treatments differently and some may require a more intensive and regular treatments. In cases of epidemic such as the dengue, a more comprehensive and integrated solution is recommended. As such, you should engage with a professional pest control company in Singapore so that they can assess your home and advise you accordingly on the recommended pest prevention approach.

When do I need home pest control?

Here are a few situations when you need home pest control

  • When you experience a pest infestation
  • If you need to conduct preventative checks
  • Your pest problem is out of control
  • There is a sudden surge of pest population
  • You are residing in high-risk environment
  • Presence of home damages observed

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