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Commercial pest control

Rentokil provides comprehensive pest management services for both single and multi-site businesses across Singapore. From food and beverage processing plants to construction sites, we have the experience and expertise to protect your business, staff and customers from pests.

Pests disrupt the production process or daily operations, hit revenue and pose major threats to health, safety and sanitary compliance. Research commissioned by Rentokil from the Centre for Economics and Business Research shows that 60% of global businesses report annual revenue losses of between 1-9% due to stored product insect (SPI) infestation. A single fly infestation, meanwhile, can cause staff illnesses that lead to businesses losing over nine working days every year.

Without the right partner, you could face the following challenges:

  • Low audit score, putting your reputation at risk.
  • Damage to brand and reputation, resulting in a loss of customer trust.
  • Cost of damaged goods and raw materials, leading to production losses.
  • Lost sales due to disrupted production.
  • Costly product recalls.
  • Compensation claims.
  • Prosecution for non-compliance with applicable laws.

What to expect from Rentokil

Rentokil’s commercial pest control services combine the most advanced technology and methods in the industry with local, experienced pest control professionals. This means your customised pest management plan is designed to control the most significant pests relevant to your business.


Central point of contact

If you operate with multiple sites in different locations, you can request a single point of contact for all their operations.

Vast experience

Unrivalled experience in providing comprehensive pest control solutions tailored to your industry.

Fully comprehensive service

Maintenance services, fast emergency response, training in pest protection for your employees - we can provide all the help you need, backed by global pest expertise and innovation.

Colleague Customer Office

Very good service. Highly recommended. mohd azhari bin adb azizcame to help us. He was attentive, informative and explain and investigate why the source of the problem. Thank you very much for your detailed explanations!


Integrated pest management (IPM) process

Rentokil employs a five-stage Integrated pest management (IPM) approach to pest control, focusing on prevention measures rather than a reactive program.

Site risk assessment via the Pest Risk Calculator

We carry out an in-depth investigation of all areas at risk, including your buildings and surrounds, delivery and storage areas, production areas, machinery and equipment, packaging and shipping, and waste storage areas.

We provide you with a complete overview of your current pest-control needs and consider future risks in your unique environment in compliance with local regulations and standards.

What the PRC covers:

  • A clear identification of the pest is essential to determine the most appropriate control methods and preventive actions needed to avoid re-infestation. 
  • Pest species - Different species of closely related pests have different behaviour and biology that will require tailored treatment for best results.
  • Origin - Has the pest been introduced in delivered goods or gained entry due to structural defects, poor maintenance, poor hygiene, decaying goods etc.
  • Potential damage - Does it pose a food safety risk to fresh, prepared or packaged goods; can it damage equipment, fittings or building structure
  • Potential harbourage - Conduct an inspection of the building and surroundings to identify harbourage places.
  • Quantity - Estimating the number of pests will provide an indication not only of the extent of the problem but how long they have been established on the premises
  • Conducive conditions - Pests could be present due to supplier or transport issues, or environmental conditions which encourage or trigger pest infestations

Integrated & comprehensive pest control program

Recommendations are based on in-depth knowledge of all relevant laws and audit standards. These include

  • Physical controls: eliminating opportunities for pest entry (blocking gaps, windows and open areas).
  • Behaviour changes: training staff in pest awareness to help spot the signs of pest activity or entry at an early stage and changing undesirable operating procedures to prevent infestations. We provide Pest Awareness Training (PAT) and Total Hygiene Awareness Training (THAT) for your employees. These are educational programs to support your business and ensure all parties are doing their part to protect your image.
  • Treatments are tailored to your industry needs, and you can rest assured we use only safe and approved pesticides to eradicate existing infestations effectively and efficiently. We have eco-friendly options available - suitable for use around businesses storing, preparing and displaying fresh and packaged foods and where members of the public are present.
  • Regular inspection regime: we carry out regular checks for early warning signs of pest activity and use monitoring devices to help.

Pest monitoring and audits

Our experts support you professionally in achieving and maintaining compliance with all current auditing standards, or our own quality management system.

  • We provide independent QA inspections and pre-audit reports by specialist field biologists.
  • 24/7 real-time online reporting*, analysis and compliance management through our unique customer portal, myRentokil
  • Assign adequate resources to implement the measures
  • Implement the control measures and inspection regime according to plans
  • Record actions and results in accordance with standards and legislative requirements

Evaluation of the pest control program

We regularly evaluate the effectiveness of your pest control program, which includes:

  • Reviewing operating procedures to reduce food sources, harbourage and contamination
  • Reviewing and documenting preventive maintenance procedures
  • Recommending  and implementing changes and improvements

Initial Hygiene

Singapore's leading hygiene company, providing integrated services that include: air purifiers, washroom services, sanitisation, scenting and drainage management services for your business.

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Our reporting and analysis system provides you with trend reporting, recommendations, interactive maps to help support all your pest control audits required for regulatory compliance.