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Fleas and Ticks Blog

Learn tips on how to manage fleas and ticks infestation.

A complete guide that includes everything you need to know about fleas and ticks control in Singapore. Get insights which you may not have known, proactive measures can protect you and your loved ones from pest infestations!

Some of the topics that may interest you include
-Flea inspection guide: 5 telltale signs your dog has fleas
-What to do if you have fleas in your house?
-How to get rid of fleas
-What do fleas look like?
-How to detect fleas in your pet
-Where do pets get fleas?

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You do not need to own a pet—a cat, dog, or even a rabbit—at home. So, when you hear people talk about fleas, you probably assume they are one pest you will never have to deal...

At this pandemic stage of COVID-19 in Singapore as the coronavirus cases are still clocking in everyday, our health and safety are at risks from contracting these bacteria and viruses. However, do you know? The dengue...

Dogs are best companions and friends in many families in Singapore, and pets have been a popular lifestyle activity. However, this may also indicate some risks in contracting ticks and fleas, making your dearest pets sick...

When you see your dog itching and scratching, you probably would jump into the conclusion that fleas are the culprit. While it may be true, read further to learn more about the common tell-tale signs of...