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Technical Expertise

Like all service businesses, Rentokil is only as good as our people. The team are constantly equipped with various innovations, technical specifications and pests risks to stay abreast on pest management. A series of training and development programs are tailored and design for the team of specialist to deliver quality service standards and meeting the needs of various business nature and residents.

A team of field biologist and a medical entomologist are available to provide more detailed and complex technical consultation for high dependent or zero-tolerance policy businesses.

Services & Treatments

Our Research and Development team are always at the forefront in innovating integrated pest management solutions. This includes utilising cutting edge technology that aids accurate detection and inspection, and efficient solutions that are environmentally-friendly and safe.

Reporting facilities are available to help business manage their documentation, audit compliance and reporting more effectively. Online platform, PNOL is also available for business who has preference for digital reporting platforms.

Rentokil Pest Control Service Technicians

Rentokil Singapore has over 300 Service Technicians nationwide. Our team of specialists is scheduled to undergo regular and comprehensive training programs to enrich their competencies, skill sets and capabilities including pest knowledge, solution technicality, innovations, health and safety procedures and soft skill sets. As part of career development, our specialists are also required to undergo fire drill emergencies and first aid workshops. Every technician will be appraised with a structured performance evaluation.

Here are why our Service Technicians are capable of protecting your home and businesses from pest invasions:

Comprehensive Training

Comprehensive Training

They are given a wide scope of comprehensive trainings and kept well informed with the latest pest control treatments, which enable them to deploy the correct pest control methods.

Pest Behaviour

Pest Behaviour

Their understanding of pest behaviours allows them to identify pest vulnerabilities, which helps them to provide customers with proactive recommendations to minimise the risk of pest infestation.

Health and Safety Policies

Health and Safety Policies

All our Service Technicians comply with Rentokil's Health and Safety policy, which enables them to provide customers with safe pest eradication practice.

Service Supervisors

Our Service Supervisors possess vast experiences and sound expertise to mentor the team of specialist and perform quality control on the service rendered.

To ensure consistent service satisfaction is delivered, the team of supervisors are tasked to review and audit productivity rates and service consistencies, and constantly implement improvements within the service and operations function.

Fumigation Experts

Our fumigators are duly licensed by the National Environment Agency of Singapore (NEA) to perform fumigation. Having passed AVA's stringent audit, our fumigation experts are able to carry out phytosanitary treatment on behalf of Agri-Food & Veterinary Authority of Singapore(AVA). This includes the application of methyl bromide fumigation and IPPC marks, defined under International Standards for Phytosanitary Measures for solid wood packaging materials, and the issuance of Fumigation certificate to certify that the solid wood packaging materials were treated in accordance to the standards as listed under ISPM No 15. This facilitates the verification of the treatment by the overseas authority (i.e National Plant Protection Organization or NPPO).

Field Biologists

All Rentokil Field Biologists working across Singapore hold degrees in appropriate subjects including entomology and have also received extensive in–company training in various aspects of pest control. As experts, they carry out in-depth examinations and analysis of your production processes and pest risks, identify the root of any pest problem you may be experiencing and making highly practical recommendations to deal with the situation.

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