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Giving Your Business the Reassurance and Total Peace of Mind

Managing a restaurant or food and beverage business may be challenging. Besides ensuring consistent food safety and reputable brand image is managed at all times, facility maintenance, operational efficiency and delighting your diners are some other critical elements for business to manage as well.

Potential Risks and Hazards in Food and Beverage Industry

Supply Chain Management

In the food supply chain, you may noticed that there are numerous pest infiltration points and as vulnerable as the food processing plants, restaurants are also at high risk. Undetected pest infestation/ problem along the food supply chain could potentially end up at your restaurant.

Understanding Your Key Priorities

We aim to alleviate your hassles and concerns. Food contamination is high risk for your business premise. This will lead to negative brand image and even potential business closure due to regulatory non-compliance, financial penalty and customer loss. Thus, we tailored an integrated solution for your business’s optimal protection. An in-depth understanding of your needs,priorities, infestation areas and identified pest will be analysed before a recommendation is proposed.

Why Choose Rentokil?

  • Experienced and Licensed Technicians - All our Service Technicians are licensed professionals certified by National Environmental Agency (NEA). We have the largest pool of technicians whom are licensed and professionally-trained.
  • Expert Knowledge - Our pest experts are periodically provided with continuous training programmes, to ensure that their pest knowledge is up-to-date.
  • Targeted Treatments - Our extensive knowledge means we can provide you with targeted and effective treatment.
  • Site Risk Assessment - is completed in compliance with Rentokil Pest Control requirement to ensure that all treatments carried out in your premises are conducted in a safely manner.
  • Service Quality Assurance - We are committed to delivering optimal quality service and dedicated customer care to our partners.

Rat and Rodent Control Strategy for Food Establishments

Rats may be a challenging problem all year long. However, it is crucial for food establishments to have an effective rat control strategy in place. Food and water that are contaminated by rat fur or excrement may pose serious health risks when consumed. Diseases transmitted by rats include salmonellosis, rat bite fever and murine typhus.

Rat infestations may lead to serious implications for the business including a negative impact on the reputation of the business, negative media coverage, enforcement actions from the National Environment Agency (NEA) and even the suspension of license.

The key strategy in rat management is to eliminate areas of harbourages as well as food and water sources for rats. Practise proper refuse management, adopt good housekeeping habits and put in place effective pest control for rats to prevent infestations in your premises.

Rat and Rodent Management Checklist for Food Establishments

Daily Tasks

□ Clean up food and liquid spills as soon as possible

□ Place thrash in secured bags before disposal

□ Place rubbish bags in trash bins with securely fitted lids

□ Repair leaks immediately to prevent moisture spills

□ Keep the area below the cooking range and sink clean

□ Ensure floor drain covers are securely in place

□ Ensure all doors and windows are properly closed at the end of the day to eliminate rat entry points

□ Wipe food contact surfaces and floors

□ Keep food in secured containers

□ Inspect food supply packages for signs of rat bites

Weekly Tasks

□ Tidy storage areas and clear boxes off the floor to eliminate places of shelter for rats

□ Check walk-in coolers for nesting materials such as shredded paper, fabric and dried plants

□ Clean drains, gullies and floor traps

□ Check storage areas and cabinets for grease marks, rub marks, gnaw marks and fresh rat droppings

Monthly Tasks

□ Check that openings for utilities are sealed with high quality sealants and there are no gaps or cracks

□ Check that garbage containers are in good condition without holes or cracks

□ Perform an inspection of doors, ventilation systems and ceilings for cracks or openings

□ Ensure that external compound areas do not have active burrows or runways

□ Inspect walls for cracks or holes and seal them

□ Clean out storage areas for employee belongings including lockers and shelves

□ Clear out dumpster areas and remove any nestlings

Inspect these areas for signs of grease marks, gnaw marks, rub marks, fresh rat droppings and cracks:

□ Open and closed perimeter drains

□ External compound including turf areas

□ Walls, door gaps roofs and drains of bin centres

□ Roofs, false ceilings and runways of loading and unloading bays

□ Switch boxes

□ Pipes and fixtures

□ Walls

□ Doors and windows

□ Beams and support pillars

□ Floors

□ Roofs and false ceilings

□ Kitchen and food preparation counters

□ Service and dining areas

□ Storage areas

Annual Tasks

□ Clean or replace dumpster

□ Perform a review of your pest control contract together with your pest control provider to ensure that it meets your current requirements

□ If rat activity was detected in your premises in the past year, check with your pest control provider to evaluate whether an inspection or site survey is needed to identify risk areas and potential rat entry points

Rentokil’s Rat Control Services

Rentokil performs site inspections to assess the source of attraction, breeding site, level of infestation and to identify the rat species. Rentokil PestConnect Service provides 24/7 remote monitoring of rats for total visibility and management.

Important! If you spot signs of rat entry in your premise, contact your pest control provider for rats pest control advice as soon as possible to ensure any potential infestation is controlled quickly before it can spread.

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