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Rentokil Fly Control Treatments

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1. Identify Your Pest

The scenario of customers swatting flies away with bare hands throughout a meal would have had business owners worrisome with fear of flies population growing in their food and beverage business establishment. What negative impact could the presence of flies in their restaurant or eatery potentially affect the store reputation?

Annoyance, worries and fears caused by the presence of flies are some of the push factors business owners would want to address in flying insect control.

House fly, is a problem for all types of premises and major carriers of diseases. They can appear in restrooms, near garbage, food preparation areas, etc. Did you know? One pair of flies can produce more than 1 million offspring in as little as 6 to 8 weeks. Feeding on a variety of food, including human food, animal feeds, garbage, excrement, dead animals. Potential breeding sites for flies are preferably sludge, garbage or decaying organic matter.

Knowing the signs of flies problem is therefore important knowing how to spot the warning signs before flies start to impose serious health and safety dangers to you and your diners. The presence of flies itself on the premise is but of course one of the signs of flies infestation.

Correct identification will help you to choose the most effective control method to deal with the different fly species respectively. Flies rely heavily on their sense of sight for survival. Their large compound eyes are made up of thousands of individual lenses and are very sensitive to movement. Therefore it is almost impossible to catch a fly with your bare hands, much less to accurately identify a visible moving fly.

2. Choose Your Method

DIY or Professional?

How to get rid of flies? When it comes to getting rid of flies, you have two basic options: DIY or hire a professional.

The DIY option requires the purchase and correct use of DIY flying insect control products as well as keeping your home, office or establishment clean which keeps flies from finding a means to survive.

The professional option requires you to find your local pest control company in Singapore to get rid of the problem for you.

DIY Fly Control Options

If you decide to control a flying insect problem on your own, you have a few basic and cheap options available.

Case scenario: With an electric fly bat in hand, the employee of the noodle store attempted to swing a few bats in the air. With 30 to 50 flies swooping in and out quickly, swatting the flies with the bat along with its lacklustre swings prove to be futile efforts. Did you know? Flies can flap their wings 200 times in a second! That is how fast a fly can get away at the slightest movement detected. Later on with more failed attempts that follow through to batter these buzzing fliles, the employee soon gives up.

Whether at the local store or online, you may find some electric fly swatters that you can use to swat at the flies yourself. Using manual strength and a random catch pattern, the effectiveness of such electric fly swatter is very low as you don't get to catch many flies.

Some may find DIY fly traps to use and be placed in strategic locations for the best effectiveness. Without professional catch rate determined and monitored as well as the size of area well considered, your DIY fly catching efforts can be all in vain.

Flies need food, water, and shelter to survive. Here are a few tips to DIY and manage your fly pest problem more effectively:

  • Keep outside areas clean and odour-free as odours attract flies.
  • Store all food supplies in airtight containers, or in the fridge, as exposed food attracts flies and increases risks of food contamination.
  • Remove waste from your surroundings as flies feed on garbage and food spills.
  • Remove any decomposing objects and reduce dampness, as flies thrive on decaying and moist organic matter.
  • Wash garbage bins regularly.

Benefits of a Professional Service

How to Get Rid of Flies in Your Home and in Your Business

Flies are considered harmful pests because of the health risks they pose and could possibly bring to you, your family and employees. Besides carrying disease-causing organisms on their bodies, body hairs, feet and mouthparts, flies spread these organisms by vomiting and dropping faecal matter onto our food.

With flies defecating every couple of minutes and an efficient reproduction quality that makes an average of 75 to 100 fly babies within 24 hours, a fly infestation can get out of hand so quickly.

Did you know? House flies rely on their sense of smell to locate food. Keeping food in air-tight containers helps avoid attracting them.

Mostly active during day time, house flies are attracted to garbage, waste, human excrement, dung and decaying matters. Good housekeeping and hygiene practices will definitely help to get rid of flies.

While simple home care tips can be done at home to reduce the chance of a fly infestation risk, fly control needs at a business premise come along with different aspects and scope.

Business sectors in food processing, food & beverages, industrial & manufacturing all the more require stringent pest control efforts making no room for error in pest issues. A top concern lies in health and safety and its adherence to local authority regulations.

Professional fly control solutions include the use of Residual Spray and Insect Light Traps. An insect light trap attracts and traps flies effectively as flies have compound eyes which made them sensitive to the UV lighting used the traps. Expert advices on where to place the traps in strategic locations is important to maintain an optimal catch rate. A local pest control company in Singapore can help to alleviate your fly control worries and time spent by monitoring regularly so that at the same time you solve the fly problem and can focus more on running the business.

Different business needs for Insect Light Traps should be customized accordingly to how big or small the catchment area is. Fly traps can also be installed and done in a discreet manner for cafes and restaurants without unsightly trapped flies being seen by patrons.

How To Choose your Pest Control Professional

To find the right professional pest control company, you need to ensure the entire organization, as well as the pest control technicians are able to fulfill key criteria.

You should expect the same level of competence and duty of care as provided by any other professional service provider.

A good pest partner should be able to anticipate and answer all your health and safety concerns. Services and treatments should be tailored to suit your needs as much as possible.

Crucially a professional should also respect your home, property or business site and operate with the greatest care and attention. He or she should be able to voice any challenges or restrictions right from the start. Equally, as a customer, you should always feel able to voice any concerns and ask as many questions as you need to.

Key criteria for Selection:

  1. Certifications - licenses and certifications will demonstrate that your treatments are carried out to the highest industry standard practices.
  2. Affiliated associations - membership of recognized industry associations such as the Singapore Pest Management Association will ensure your services are provided by a trained, insured and trusted company, which has to comply with strict membership criteria.
  3. Personal recommendations - even today, word-of-mouth and personal recommendations can be more powerful than a company’s own word. Speak to neighbors, peers, friends or family to find out about customer satisfaction.
  4. Transparency complete honesty and transparency early-on regarding the cost, level and duration of treatment required will help you see if the company is reliable.
  5. Expertise & experience - a well established, recognized company can offer a peace of mind in the services provided and its relationship with customers.

Why Use Rentokil

With Rentokil Pest Control, you can be assured of complete pest protection.

Our focus on control solutions will ensure complete removal of your pest problem. At the same time, our approach to pest protection will help your home or business remain pest-free long-term.

With over 50 years of experience serving pest control customers, our expertise in the industry should reassure you of the quality of our service and our expertly trained pest control technicians.

  • We tailor our products to target pests by species.
  • We customize our solutions based on the uniqueness of your home, building or business premises - recognizing that every pest problem is different.
  • We use advanced solutions approved by industry governing bodies - helping to ensure reliability and success.
  • Our large network of entomologists and field biologists support the services and products used by our technicians on-site.

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