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Home Owners Guide

A Pest Deterrent Guide for Homeowners

Pest infestation can lead to serious problems such as structural damages to the home and health consequences to your family. Housekeeping is important too other than a routine pest control treatment.

Easy practises you can apply at home:

  • 1. Wait at least 3-4 hours after treatments are carried out before mopping/wiping the floor/ surface that is treated. Try not to use harsh chemicals to wipe it off

  • 2. Make sure that all food are stored in air-tight containers as pests like ants and cockroaches are attracted to food and water sources

  • 3. Don’t tempt pest by leaving food crumbs/ scraps on your kitchen countertop, bin and floor, clean these every day. Also don’t leave dirty cutleries and dishes in your sink, they are food source!

  • 4. Keep trash in rubbish bins with fitted lids and make sure that all rubbish are discarded daily to prevent pests from being attracted to the foul odour

  • 5. Cardboard boxes attract cockroaches and termites. Using containers made of plastic, glass and metal with tight fitting lids stops them from breeding. You can always reuse the containers afterwards

  • 6. Cockroaches and termites love moisture. Remember to spot and remove any stagnant water and fix leakages. Also discard empty cans, bottles that can collect water to prevent mosquitoes from breeding

  • 7. Keep tree branches well-trimmed and away from the house as crawling pests like ants, cockroaches and snakes can crawl into the house via the branches

  • 8. Seal any cracks and openings. Rats and other small pest can enter your house through these openings

What are some signs of pest infestation?

Firstly, check for any physical and visible pests crawling or hovering around in areas including kitchen, balcony, bathroom, living room and dining hall. Secondly, pests emit smell from their bloodstains, urine and droppings that is pungent, overly sweet or musty. Thirdly, droppings is another sign of pest infestation, usually in dark or brown colour in cylindrical shape depending on the type of pest species. Fourthly, pest do produce sounds because of its scratching activities or “head banging” needs to alert of danger or form of communication. Finally, observe for any bites on your arms, hands and legs, where they are capable of biting, stinging or sucking blood meal such as mosquitoes and bed bugs.

When should you engage in pest control services?

It is important to engage early pest control where inspections and environment assessment is conducted. This include ruling out risk factors, hiding pests with breeding grounds and identifying complex pests such as termite activities. Home check and early protection minimises damages, costly repairs and recovery when infestation escalates. However, if you notice any early signs of pest activities, contact a pest control company where they can recommend ongoing protection and treatment against pest infestation.

Specific Requirements

If you are living at high risk termite area, get a professional termite expert to check for signs of termite infestation such as mud trails, cracked or bubbling paint and wood that sounds hollow when tapped. Alternatively you can reach us at (65) 6347 8138 to schedule an inspection or drop us an enquiry here.

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