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Ants are incredibly complex and intelligent creatures. Worker ants comprise a relatively small percentage of the workers in an ant colony. In fact, the foraging ants you see outside typically represent less than 10% of the colony. This is why just eliminating the ants you see in front of you is not enough to destroy the colony!

Ants build their homes in the deep cracks and crevices of walls, making it extremely difficult to eradicate them. They are attracted to food scents and are highly efficient in their forage for food. Once food sources are identified, a colony of ants will surround the area quickly. Ants carry bacteria and can contaminate our food. This potential health risk can be avoided when we manage the infestation and prevent reoccurrence. How to get rid of ants? Rentokil Singapore provides professional ant control for both indoor and outdoor areas. Its treatments are targeted to specific species, thus ensuring a fast and effective solution to eliminate ants in your premise.

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It has been wonderful. So far our home has been free from unwanted visitors like cockroaches and ants. Your service men are very polite and do their job well. Thank you so much and well done!

- Mrs Chandra, Residential Customer

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Ants FAQ

How do professionals get rid of ants?

Professional ant control will identify the pest type and validate the ant species before recommending the right ants’ treatment to target at the problem. A site assessment is also conducted to evaluate environment, premise condition, risk factors and level of infestation.

What causes ants in the house?

Ants are attracted to any place that has food, moisture and good shelter to breed. As resourceful creatures, they can navigate around with pheromones to find food crumbs and drink spills around the home. Hence, housekeeping and sanitation is essential to keep ants away.

What's the easiest way to kill ants?

When confronted with ants, most people usually use insecticide, gel, baits or wipe down the area with soap and water. However, these short-term remedies do not eliminate the root source of the ant infestation. Especially if you are observing an increase ant population or facing a recurring pest problem, contact a professional pest control to get rid of ants in your home.

How do I prevent an ant infestation?

A clean and dry home environment is the best way to prevent an ant infestation. As best as you can, restrict eating and drinking to the kitchen and dining room, dispose trash regularly and fix cracks and gaps to eliminate hide outs.

What is the price of ants pest control in Singapore?

The price of ants’ pest control depends on the severity of the infestation, the coverage area affected and the type of solution needed. Other factors include the service frequency, a need to integrate with other pest treatments such as cockroaches and choice of active ingredient.

Are white ants considered ants species?

Termites are often called as white ants because of its whitish or light brown in colour. They are often mistaken for ants because of their similar appearance and body shape.  However, they belong to different pest category and the common ant species in Singapore includes sugar ants, pharaoh ants and carpenter ants.

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