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Pest Myth: Does Cucumber Peel Make a Good Ant Repellent?

A good ant repellent: Ants are everywhere. Here are some common hot spots

  • Kitchen
  • Dining hall
  • Coffee table
  • Counter tops
  • Walls and surfaces
  • Flooring

In fact they are almost anywhere and everywhere in your home! 

A pest that comes in numbers, crawling like a troop of soldiers and never seems to clear up, not forgetting the risks of falling into our food and getting bitten, it is no wonder why many of us turn to desperate measures in experimenting various DIY remedies to get rid of these ants. 

Chalk, hot water and other organic repellant home remedies are commonly tried and tested, but unfortunately, effectiveness and efficacy is still a question mark. What about Cucumber Peels? Do they make a good ant repellent?


Why is necessary to adopt proper ants control?

Ants build colony and hide well to breed and reproduce, thus increasing the population in the home. They move around in clusters or in groups and tend to return despite repelling and deterring attempts. Depending on the ants’ species, implications and damages vary. For instance, fire ants when bitten, causes red, painful and stinging bites. Carpenter ants on the other hand damage your wood and furniture as they make their way out of “holes”. Pharaoh ants are sensitive and will disperse once the colony is disturbed, thus spreading the ants infestation further. Lastly, not forgetting, ants can cause food contamination symptoms as they transfer their bacteria and viruses onto your food and drinks.

Ant control

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Adopt these useful ants’ prevention tips

Besides having a sound ants’ treatment in place, you should maintain consistent maintenance and ongoing protection to prevent a recurring infestation. Apply this pest prevention tips:

  • Store all your food ingredients and supplies in well-sealed containers
  • Cover all cooked-food and drinks when not consumed
  • Clear away food crumb, debris, grease and spills after a meal
  • Clean the kitchen-tops and sinks after use to eliminate ants’ food source
  • Keep the place dry from water and moisture including table, floor, and counter tops
  • Refrain from eating and munching at other parts of the home
  • Apply proofing such as sealing cracks and crevices and any openings well

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Getting rid of ants the right way

Why is it important to adopt proper ants control in your home then? This is because there are essentially more than just 1 type of ants you may have thought, and different species have different nesting and diet preference and create different damages. Knowing exactly what they are can help control the infestation effectively. You may not know, but ants actually can damage your furniture besides causing the usual food contamination and ant bites allergy that we may not know!

Besides knowing what makes a good ant repellent, learn how to get rid of rid of ants or take the first step by engaging a home inspection to get more awareness on their hiding spots in your home.

Frequently-asked questions about ants

Where do ants come from?

Being very small, ants can slip through tiny cracks in your walls and floors. They can also enter through any open windows and even through air vents. Ant colonies will first send scout ants to see if there are any viable sources of food and water. If there are, the scout ants will leave a pheromone trail for the other ants to follow. As such, if you want to keep ants away from your premises, you should always clean up any food crumbs, water spills and never leave unopened food containers out for too long.

What do ants eat?

Most ants are omnivorous and have been known to eat almost anything and everything. Though it has been observed that ants have a preference for certain types of foods such as:

  • Sugar - It is a dense source of energy which ants especially need
  • Protein & Fats - Foods such as meat and eggs contain these important nutrients that help ants grow and keep strong
  • Water - Just like most other animals, ants also need water to survive and also attracted to water spills and puddles

Can vinegar get rid of ants effectively?

Ants are repelled by strong smells in general. As vinegar usually has a strong scent, wiping down your counters with a vinegar and water solution can deter them for a while. However, it is not enough to get rid of ants effectively as it is a short-term solution in derailing their sense of direction. Once the vinegar smell is gone, it is highly likely that the ants will return. If you are facing a persistent issue of ants in your premises, it will be best to call a pest control company in Singapore that has expert solutions to deal with ant infestations.

How can ants post harm and danger to us?

Ants can pose some danger and harm to us. Firstly, when ants feel threatened, they are capable of biting us with their mandibles. Although it may just cause slight pain, some species have stingers capable of delivering immense pain. One such species is the fire ant. When threatened, fire ants can inflict a painful sting that can develop into a pustule and cause immense discomfort. Secondly, ants damage home where carpenter ants often build nests in moist and hollow wood. While they do not eat the wood, they can cause significant damage by tunnelling through the wood. Thirdly, other pests may be invited, as ants are a viable food source for other pests like spiders and lizards. Different species of ants often require different solutions to get rid of them. As such, the best way to deal with an ant infestation is to engage a professional pest control service that can identify species and customise treatments accordingly.

How do I prevent fire ants bite?

If a fire ant has bitten you, you are likely to experience intense pain first. Red blisters can form after a while and cause itchiness. Here are some steps that you can take to reduce the pain and itchiness:

  • Apply an ice compress on the bitten area for 20 minutes
  • Put some anti-itch cream on the blister
  • Keep the would well cleaned
  • Seek medical attention if allergy or infection arise

The best way to prevent fire ant bites is to control the ant population and infestation in the home, by adopting adequate ants control treatment, detection of pest signs and maintain sound housekeeping regime.

Are carpenter ants part of termite species?

No. Carpenter ants are mistaken for termites as this species also have a tendency to burrow in wood. However, termites often eat the wood for sustenance while carpenter ants build their colonies in the wood. While termites and carpenter ants look similar, their body colour sets them apart. Carpenter ants are likely to be dark brown or black while termites are white. Nevertheless, both of them are capable of causing extensive structural damage. Hence, it will be in your best interests to call a professional pest control company in Singapore that is equipped in getting rid of both ants and termites effectively.

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